10 Photographers you should follow on Instagram (1)

We have selected 10 impressive pictures featured in August 2020 in our Instagram #tagreemagazine (btw, there is a lot to discover) from 10 photographers you should follow on Instagram: Jürgen Sobkowiak, Antonio Luis Remartinez, Gus, Donell Gumiran, António Bernardino Coelho, Fadwa Rouhana, Alice de Kruijs, Luca Regoli, Hardijanto Budiman, Ligin Lee. 

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Tagree's motto is: We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but also do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms. Our magazine is for all people who like exploring the diversity of visual arts. A magazine for international photography & art: unknown artists meet well-known ones, pictures that touch meet thought-provoking ones, award-winning works meet gems waiting to discover.

My compositions are deliberately kept diffuse and so clear attempts at interpretation often fail. The viewer is invited to observe and pause. In the picture "Behind", the exploration of the abyss behind the facade of life is the theme.

Jürgen Sobkowiak from Germany explores the fragility and absurdity of human existence in his photographic art. The artist himself appears in the pictorial space and brings his body into a bizarre relationship with the spatial conditions. A grotesque symbiosis of body, space, and object.


A tulip in decay, simply this, this beautiful tulip was at the end of its beauty in the living room of my house, one morning I saw it, with the petals fallen and I decided to take some pictures to keep this moment forever. Then my dreams and illusions led me to a more dramatic edition to give it this look of lost beauty. The image is composed of three different photos edited in Photoshop. The title is “Fallen tulip”.

The Spanish photographer, GUS, combines a variety of photographic techniques, especially multiple and long exposures, and takes us on a magical journey into the depths of his imagination. His images are complex, simply executed, and visually appealing. They are combined with fine art techniques and modern photography. Soft color accents give his creations a dreamlike atmosphere. Thanks to a sensual aura it is like a meditation to look at his works. Among other awards 1st prize at the IPA Award 2019 in the category "Fine Art“.


The image was created with screws on a black glass surface, with a cardboard background and 3 independent light sources. It evokes New York City. This image is part of a series of images using simple materials, with the main idea of recreating cities.

António Bernardino Coelho is living in Portugal. He is an electrical engineer with a huge passion for photography. He develops different styles and he intends with his photos that the viewer sees an idea in a simple and different way. He is the winner of several contests such as Xposure 2017, Sony Awards-Portugal National Awards 2018, and 2020. Various honorable mentions, 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in other contests around Portugal and world.


When I thought for the first time about creating a new body of work I started studying light and darkness. During my research period, I was taught that light and darkness move in waves and exists in very many small parts. In this particular image, I was caught by her pale skin with freckles. For the series, I wanted to create portraits that show both very light and dark area's in one image. She was styled in a black dress and black wig. The contrast is truly showing the black & white diversity in one image.

Alice de Kruijs is a fine-art photographer based in The Netherlands. She frequently touches the subject of identity and diversity and aims to go against the standard ideals and showcase stories through culture and different ethnic backgrounds, her work is a celebration of these differences in culture. As her way of life, she loves to conceptually and symbolically tell stories. Usually by showing a different perspective on personal daily life.


I am particularly interested in surreal motifs. Inspired by the work of Salvador Dali, many of my photographic artworks have surreal elements that illustrate an idea. An image can be used to tell a story, but the image can be interpreted in different ways by everyone who sees it.

Lively. Graphically. Stylized. This is the color palette of Hardijanto Budiman. This complements, contrasts, and punctuates so well the designed industrial forms and figures that he uses in mysterious ways. Sometimes for aesthetic reasons, sometimes just for fun. Budiman is a visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2003 he started to be interested in photography. For Budiman, photography is the best medium to express his passion for art. He does not see himself as a pure photographer. His work is mainly about how imagination and emotion are represented in pictures. Budiman is the winner of the Malta International Photo Award 2018 in the abstract category, he won 1st place at the Miami Photo Fest International Emerging Photography Awards.

In 2019 and 2020 he was awarded numerous international photography prizes, including Gold in Fine Art TIFA 2019 (Tokyo International Photo Awards), winner Photography of the Year Conceptual SIPA 2020.


„Strange baths“, is an image taken in Sitges, on Sant Sebastian Beach on a sunny and clear day. When I took the image, I imagined the complete opposite of what was in front of me, and transformed the image into the solitude of the characters from the people who have been on the beach, and the case and fog that surrounds them.

Antonio Luis (Tony) Remartinez, is an amateur and self-taught photographer (born 1959 in Cordoba and currently living in Sitges Spain), He has always liked photography and has taken photographs but he has never Show his work. 3 years ago he starts posting.


This picture was during the Holi festival in India - it was raining at that time and everybody is looking for some cover when I saw this young lady sitting in front of the store, she was not looking at first because she was shy then I waited till she looks at my direction, good thing I'm using a zoom lens.

The Filipino artist, Donell Gumiran, is known for his atmospheric portraits and travel photographs in which he captures the living conditions and emotions of everyday life. He is a photographer for the Asian Geographic Magazine and has won numerous international awards: 2018 Spider Award, Photographer of the Year, USA - 2019 TIFA Tokyo Photo Award, Japan - Best Cover 2019 Asian Geographic Magazine, Singapore - 2019. Gumiran organizes portrait workshops for the Nikon School Middle East.


The photo from the photo series "Passengers in time" is inspired by the pilgrims who visit the holy places in Bethlehem and Jerusalem - who come from all over the world and carry within them their memories, their dreams, their worries, their pains and their hope of salvation. I try to capture whatever captures my eyes and soul, the lens is my gear to travel into the visible and the invisible in the human soul and my photos are a reflection of my own invisible inner worlds.

Fadwa Rouhana is a Palestinian industrial Engineer born in Haifa. She considers herself an amateur photographer, her photographic work had developed though her own experimental efforts on a long journey with the camera. Being raised in a place shattered by hurdles and injustice, the camera became an existential necessity. Her asset to connecting to a reality that had always rendered her estranged and alienated, as a woman and as a human being. Photography is her own way to contemplate life and its meaning, how people are living it, their hopes and their hardships, their relation with their place, and their environment, with their past and with their reality. It is her way to understand the whole human experience and to try to find her place inside it.


My photo "Love ended" wants to show in an ironic way the last attempt to save and recapture love. The flowers and the smart dress were not enough. Unfortunately, the last and final attempt goes bad and threw my subject into despair, who consoled himself with one bottle more. He fell into an alcoholic sleep a few steps from the door of his home. Is it a TRUE OR INVENTED STOR? In reality, the subject is one of my sons and the scene was made-up as a hobby during the lockdown. 

Luca Regoli was born in 1972 and he lives in Mordano, a small village in Italy. His passion for photography started three years ago when he decides to stop smoking. He thought of replacing the urge to smoke with the snap of the camera. He bought his first reflex and started as a self-taught photographer. He is very picky about the composition, much less about the perfection of the technique. He doesn’t have a top camera and he doesn't use much post-production. He loves to take photos with a fixed lens 35mm or 50mm. P.S. He stopped smoking 🙂


During my creative process, I talk to myself and found out that the creation of my art is a reaction to my current emotions. Sometimes singing, sometimes reciting, sometimes examining, a window of my soul seemed to open unconsciously. On the one hand, we build-up, on the other hand, we disassemble ourselves and then redesign. It is like a journey, but also a way forward.

Ligin Lee was born in Taiwan in Miaoli County, a place near the sea. At the age of four, she moved with her parents to Taipei. In her youth, she was influenced by Western art and trained in the printing industry. In her art, she always longed for the pure, beautiful world. At the age of 55, after graduating from the Institute of Visual Arts of Taipei City University, she created more works of art that take human life as their starting point. In her paintings, she showed the meaning of life, the reality seen and undermined by the eyes. She created new visual concepts that wander between self-expression and the subconscious.


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