14 Storytelling Images

Photo by Jasbir John Singh

Impressive photographs selected in August 2020 from our Instagram account #tagreemagazine. 14 pictures with a great story: Shobha Gopinath (Singapore), Roderick Field (United Kingdom), Flerida Pajate (UAE), Gianluigi Lenoci (Italy), Ruth Penn (Israel), Jack Savage (United Kingdom), Jasbir John Singh (Singapore), Jayson (Jake) Esguerra (UAE), Ertan Şirin (Turkey), Fabrizio Gandini (Italy), Khalid Najib (UAE), Peter Nielsen (Denmark), James Trollip (Thailand), Wulf Rössler (Switzerland).

Tagree's motto is: We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but also do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms. Our magazine is for all people who like exploring the diversity of visual arts. A magazine for international photography & art: unknown artists meets well-known ones, pictures that touch meet pictures that evoke different associations, award-winning works meet works waiting for international attention.


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Shobha Gopinath (Singapore)

My Story about "The Clasp of the Hands": The Amazon’s Machiguenga tribe live along the Madre De Dios River, in Peru. The tribe’s shaman paints our faces, both as a sign of welcome, and for our protection for when we walk into the jungle.

He brings out a large wooden pipe and passes it around for us to smoke. Next is an instrument that we are asked to blow into, much like a conch shell – you either had the knack of blowing it or you just expel air trying. It is only after these traditions are observed that we are allowed to explore the area. We listen to their stories, of how famous the shaman is and how sought after his skills are, and of his father being an early convert to Catholicism and given the name Adam.

Apparently many denominations tried to convert them, but the tribe only accepted Catholicism as it allowed them to continue believing in the spirit of the jungle and to continue with their other cultural practices. The only condition was the need to attend church on Sundays which they thought was easy enough to comply with. When Pope Francis visited Peru, he visited the Machiguenga and Adam had a special audience with the Pope.

Adam and his wife decide to join us on our walk through the thick jungle. They hold hands throughout and keep their own pace. We were told the Machiguenga do not have the concept of marriage, and the men often take multiple wives. Adam did not take another wife and they do not know how long they have been together but it is evident that it has been a long time. As we walk, it is so touching to see Adam and his wife speak to each other in quiet tones, and how close and gentle they are with each other. Even when we stop in the middle of the jungle to rest and chat, they keep holding hands. The clasp of their hands tells the story of a lifetime of shared hardship and beautiful, steadfast companionship.

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Roderick Field (United Kingdom)

Lockdown catapulted me on a journey of exploration across the marshlands surrounding our remote house. I stumbled upon this beautiful abandoned workshop, alive with rust and cobwebs, traces of human history hanging in the still air. And, inexplicably, starring the stuffed man. The light was good to me that day.
I am besieged by parallel passions for writing and photography, a pincer movement for communication when combined skilfully. I am in the privileged position of being a true amateur, free to create for the love of the crafts. I have recently switched to Leica and their exquisite prime lenses. Image shot on Leica SL and SL Summilux 50mm. 

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Flerida Pajate (UAE)

Ramadan is a holy month observed by muslims. It is a time for fasting, prayer and charity. During this holy month, free Iftar meals are provided daily through charities to most communities all over U.A.E. This photo shows muslims from all walks of life gathering in front of the New Fatima Mosque near Al Ghubaiba bus station in Dubai, U.A.E. as they await the call for Iftar. This event attracts photographers from all over the U.A.E., as it a chance to capture scenes of humanity, generosity and solidarity.
I am Flerida Pajate, born and raised in Manila, Philippines and currently based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I believe my passion for art and creativity is innate and diverse, having started drawing at the age of 5, dabbled with music as a bass guitarist in high school and occasionally created pop art paintings during my college years. Being based in U.A.E. has motivated me to start photography as it is a country rich in culture and beauty. I believe that art is diverse and should not be limited to just one format and therefore I photograph all the things that catch my eye and spark my creative brain, from street to commercial, travel, documentary, portraits, landscapes, etc. There is beauty in everything indeed and I am zealous to capture it!


Gianluigi Lenoci (Italy)

"Delivery Rider in the Pandemic" captured with Huawei P30 Pro during the "Riders Union Bologna" protest in early June 2020 in Bologna, Italy. Delivery Riders never stopped because they were considered indispensable workers to deliver our food, even during the Covid-19 emergency (Lockdown or Phase 1). Without minimum rights, exposed to continuous blackmail of dismissal (via email) and without an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) by their online platforms that continue to treat them as "invisible".

Our Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called them "heroes" but they would only like to be considered just workers with rights and assurances. Since I was 17 I started photographing concerts and people on the street, starting with a Mamiya ZR film camera, until the advent of digital photography where I stopped shooting for many years. I started again only in 2015, improving my technical skills but above all getting more and more interested in "social" photography and reportage. I prefer natural light and open spaces to studio portraits. Mostly my subject are unaware that a photo has been taken, I love them acting naturally. I currently use a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone, mostly on public transport, and a Leica Q for street photography. With a few exceptions, my photography is mainly in black and white and strongly contrasted. I want the emotions captured by the eye of the beholder not to be distracted or influenced by colors.

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For more information about Delivery Food in a Pandemic click here

Ruth Penn (Israel)

I took this photo on the balcony of our friends, who fled their beloved homeland, after it became an impossible place to live as free people. Broken reality can be vividly colored. It doesn’t have to be black, gray and white nor sepia. Just as life is. Our friends will always carry the shatters, pain and sorrows of being forced to escape their previous life. But they keep on in vivid colors and with great hope for their future and their beloved country’s future.

Perhaps all that connects to my life and profession. I devoted my adult life to people with special needs and Universally Designing their learning and teaching environment, so that they may fulfill their goals, dreams, wishes and aspirations. I dream of Phoenixes rising and coming alive in vivid colors.


Jack Savage (United Kingdom)

This image is part of my mini mixed media series “Reading Without Eyes.” Feminine models are photographically transposed onto my canvas, using painterly techniques, oils and acrylics – blending all of the elements together to create a classical looking whole.

Colours are vivid and take inspiration from the era of classical, expressionist and modernist painting techniques. Here my camera acts as my brush.I deliberately chose not to include the models eyes in the process – creating distinctly abstract imagery - that still remains bound by traditionalist ideals.

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Jasbir John Singh (Singapore)

This image features a cleaning staff from Terminal 1 of the Singapore Changi Airport. The usually busy and buzzing airport was cold and quiet, almost hostile, on the day I visited it (26th of March 2020) as most flights had been temporarily suspended. In the 24 hours I spent there, I was only able to speak to this one staff.

He caught my attention because he was wearing gloves that were obviously too small for his hands. I approached him and tried to strike a conversation but he said he was given strict instructions to not speak to anyone. While he was not willing to share with me his opinions, he allowed me to take a photo of him.

I had only one chance to photograph him in a matter of seconds so I asked him how he would like to pose. He covered his face with his gloves and signaled at me to quickly take the shot. I was hoping that the process might have eased him up a little and he would allow me to take a few more photographs of him but he had already begun to walk away.

I did not want to push my luck given the hostile atmosphere and so I decided to just call out at him and thank him but he simply carried on walking away without looking back. The photo is from the series: "Dorscon Orange" - Stories from within the Shadows of COVID-19 in Singapore is a street portrait photography series aimed at showcasing stories of the lower-wage workers living through the pandemic in Singapore.

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Jayson (Jake) Esguerra (UAE)

I am Jayson (Jake) Esguerra, a UAE-based Filipino Photography enthusiast. A simple person with a big heart in Photography.

My picture is a portrait of a man who shows real strength; perseverance to move on despite life’s many challenges and difficulties. We met each other in the street in Al Ain here in the UAE. I had a short talk with him. He told me that he’s been working as a gardener for years. While listening to his every word, I was amazed at how proud and determined he is on his job; he is truly an amazing person. I asked him if I can take a photograph of him since it was already an opportunity for me at that time. Then he humbly replied, sure, no problem Sir.


Ertan Şirin (Turkey)

Hello. I am Ertan Şirin from Eskişehir,Turkey. I work in a bank as a director and i am in love with photography. Photography, music, cinema and literature are passion for me.

The picture was taken on 12th of August, 2020 at about 23:00. It was taken on a beach with a camping site, which is owned by a friend of mine. It is located in a  little village in Ayvacık, Çanakkale, Turkey by the Aegean Sea where you can see the lights of Greek Island, Lesvos at night. Its water is clean, fresh and cold everytime in the year.

After a great day with my friends, they went to their tents early and i got alone with the sound of waves, a starry sky and a little white pier with the red lights on the stairs. It was a moment with the full of melancholy and i wanted to convert it into an eternal memory.  


Fabrizio Gandini (Italy)

This photo is titled "Bus trip 02" and it's part of a little series about Passengers. I shot it on board of a bus travelling from Riga, Latvia to Vilnius, Lithuania. That summer I have been travelling back and forth along that route several times, working on a reportage. During the travels I was spending most of my time looking and photographing outside, but that day I saw these two sleeping passengers behind me. I liked their position, the peaceful faces and the kind of light surrounding them. There was a photo right there, and I took it.

I am an Italian freelance photographer and photo editor now based in Rome, Italy. Favourite photography genres are documentary, street, fine art and travel. My passion for photography turned from hobby to profession while living in Mexico some years ago. I began working as a photo reporter for a newspaper and then, after a while, as a photo editor and special envoy for a mexican newspapers group. Back to Italy, I began working as a freelance photographer and photo editor for national and foreign magazines, photographic agencies and corporate clients, plus producing fine art series.

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Khalid Najib (UAE)

This photo was taken in Abu Dhabi for an old building. It shows the symmetry of the building and the contrast between the light and shadow also it shows the balance between them. This picture bring attention to the little things that often get overlooked.

My name is Khalid Najib, I am 22 years old working as civil engineer in Abu Dhabi. I had started my photography passion in 2015. Photography is my favorite way to express myself. My photos give people a chance to see the way I think. Also help bring attention to the little things that often get overlooked. Almost like collaborating thoughts, photography shows people new angles and perspectives on life. I love presenting my work to people, because my photos are like a peek through my eyes.

Peter Nielsen (Denmark)

Singing your heart out could have been the title of this photograph depicting the strong presence which Diunna Greenleaf has on stage when she sings the blues. The lighting is stage light only. This photograph dates from October 31st 2014 when Diunna Greenleaf visited Horsens Blues Festival and gave a wonderful musical experience to the audience. My goal was to catch a glimpse of the performer's energy.
My name is Peter Nielsen. I'm 65 years old and I work as a librarian at a local company here in Horsens, Denmark. As I only photograph in my spare time I'm self-taught and I prefer to photograph concerts, and artsy stuff in nature and around industrial and urban areas too. I have exhibited my photographs on many occasions at galleries and churches, and virtually at salons across the world where my photographs have been accepted and even awarded with medals.

James Trollip (Thailand)

My early life revolved around business management, which limited opportunity for photography. I was well into my sixties before I started developing a photographic interest. Mainly recording the scenes I found on the streets of Bangkok, which had become home for me. I would like to start photographing, on black and white film, the Thai rural lifestyles, which are interestingly diverse.

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be on tour in India. At one stop I was looking at a group of school children in a market. The small town market had a lively atmosphere, noisy and aromatic. My attention was grabbed by one well dressed boy sitting and “minding the store,” in thought and oblivious to the bustle around him. 


Wulf Rössler (Switzerland)

Corona Times - we all must think over our life style. Unrestricted traveling and exploring the world as we are used to, will not be possible for a long time. And even worse, the way we communicate in our social world is in danger. This photo stands for the loneliness we experience at the moment and how we perceive the world as through a veil.

I am a psychiatrist and photographer. As my work as psychiatrist brings me to all part of the world, I then also take the chance to observe the world through the lens of my camera. It is obviously another perception and interpretation as traveling as a tourist. it draws our attention to the people, their suffering and their joys, which says more about these countries than the so obvious appearance of these countries, which all too often shows so superficially only the scenic side of these places.


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