A call for photographers who use analog processes

The Finnish Darkroom Association is delighted to announce an international Open Call for submissions from artists who use analog processes in the creation of contemporary photographic works. Out of these submissions, a jury will select 10 artists to exhibit at the Finnish Museum of Photography during the Helsinki Darkroom Festival 2022. The purpose of this inclusive, forward-looking festival is to bring together various institutions, researchers and artists working with analog photography.

The festival consists of an exhibition that is both invitational and juried at the newly renovated Finnish Museum of Photography with screenings and events at their centrally located K1 gallery; a symposium about artistic research on analog photography organised together with Aalto University; workshops, professional get-togethers and events open for the public organised in collaboration with Helsinki-based artistic organisations and galleries.

The Finnish Museum of Photography is Finland's national museum for photography. Through exhibitions, collection management, education, research, and a wide range of public and community programmes, the museum strives to promote and foster photographic art and culture in Finland. Founded on the initiative of Finnish photography organisations, the museum opened its doors in 1969 and is the oldest photography museum in Europe.

The Finnish Darkroom Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 with the purpose of ensuring the preservation of analog photography. The mission of the association is to share and develop the skills and craft of darkroom printing in Finland, to support the network of individuals and organisations in the field and to create international cooperation. The association has built and continues to maintain Mörk, a fully equipped, professional black and white darkroom. The association actively organises courses of all levels in black and white printing and special techniques, such as wet plate collodion process and daguerreotype.


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