A new six-monthly print magazine: L’essenziale studio

L’essenziale studio is an independent six-monthly magazine that explores creativity through fashion, art and architecture. An observatory of ideas, words and images. They celebrate culture through the visual use of knowledge. The magazine believes in the press. At the heart of their ideas process is the essentiality that is expressed by flipping through the pages that make up the heart of this editorial project. What this magazine is going to do is a sort of new visual and written deepening of the arts in general. The magazine tells stories of people who live creativity through simplicity. L’essenziale studio believes in the talents that are establishing themselves and those who are already established. They on the flow of their images and describe thoughts that can be communicated to people like them who are hungry for knowledge.

Niccolo' Vonci: Jewish Museum

L’essenziale studio is a magazine that explores creativity through fashion, art and architecture. An observatory of ideas, words and images. The magazine celebrates culture through the visual use of knowledge.

Wenxuan Wang: Back to Nowhere

Giovanna Petrocchi: Zoomorfic Vessel

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