Amazing Shots (1)

The cover image of this ongoing series is an award-winning photo by Antonio Bernardino Coelho. “Today, at the time of this image, we face a problem associated with a virus that we do not know but also a problem that interferes with society and with our planet Earth. We are not doing our best to protect you in an attempt to protect ourselves. This image describes that situation as well as the overly economical and clinical thinking of what we are experiencing.” In this series of images unknown artists meets well-known ones, pictures that touch meet pictures that evoke different associations, award-winning works meet works waiting for international attention.

Photo © Antonio Bernardino Coelho

Photographs by Majd Arandas, Martina Singer, Marius Surleac, Stephenie Young, Kim Windmolders, Tbow Bowden, Ligin Lee, Sarmistha Rakshit, Wulf Rössler, Shobha Gopinath, Thierry Lair, Saptarshi Rakshit, Mithat Aker, Antonio Luis Remartinez, Patil Koulajian, Chaitra Arjunpuri, Abhibrata Banerji, Antonio Bernardino Coelho, Kaushik Dolui, Stefano Giuseppe Barbarini, Mia Depaola, Steffen Klessen and Malini Letchumanan.


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