Amazing Shots (2)

The cover image of this contribution is a photo by Fabrizio Gandini which he shot during the Bous a la mar- (Bulls at the sea-) festival in Denia, Spain. “In July a bullring, with one of its sides open to the sea, is built in the port of Denia. The contestants are chased by the young bulls, trying to bring the animals to the sea. If a bull falls into the water, it's towed back to shore using a lasso thrown off a boat. Officially the animals are not harmed in any way, but many animal rights groups have a different opinion.” In this series of images unknown artists meets well-known ones, pictures that touch meet pictures that evoke different associations, award-winning works meet works waiting for international attention.

Photo © Fabrizio Gandini

Photographs by Wafa Mathiot, Ruth Penn, Shyamala Thilagaratnam, Chaitra Arjunpuri, Fabrizio Gandini, Neil Villanueva, Jazmine Bernales, Lori Sloan, Gianluigi Lenoci, Kirsten Delrieux, Flerida Pajate, Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra, Ertan Şirin, Ilaria Miani, Dani Gómez, Charalambos Vlachopoulos, Mark Jereos, Debora Magliaro Sanso, GUS, Jasbir John Singh, Jack Savage, Rakhi Nagpal, Helge Hoepfner, Mosnxue, Peter Nielsen, Juancho Domínguez, Aditya Mawardi, Shobha Gopinath, Thierry Lair, Jürgen Sobkowiak, Tajouj Hamadto, Hardijanto Budiman, Ligin Lee, Tales Yuan.


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