Artist Spotlight: Aneli Pupo Rodriguez

Anelí Pupo Rodríguez work is marked by a gendered approach from the position of women. Social criticism as a discourse capable of telling a story, an opinion, a popular sentiment, is as interesting to her as talking about ourselves. Initiating a controversial dialogue between the works and the public, talking about who she is or healing old wounds...expressing her opinion about social phenomena in an unconventional language. Her photography does not seek to be beautiful, nor to please aesthetic tastes, but to express ideas and provoke reflection.

“I am often asked who I am and how I see myself. The truth is that I consider myself an ordinary woman from the social point of view with respect to home and family, but I constantly debate concerns that I cannot solve, so I found refuge in art and the medium that it implies, to sublimate that thought that I develop and that I like to share."

Anelí Pupo Rodríguez Represented by Cuban Fine Arts

© Anelí Pupo Rodríguez, Vigilia eterna, 2020

© Anelí Pupo Rodríguez, Pudor, 2020

© Anelí Pupo Rodríguez, Leña del árbol caído, 2020

Aneli Pupo Rodríguez currently continues to collaborate with the CHARABIA PRODUCTION project, frequently illustrating book covers from the Guantanamo publishing house El mar y la Montaña and La Luz from Holguín. She designs her own posters and catalogs and collaborates with the Plastic Arts Council and the Hermanos Saíz Association.

Represented by Cuban Fine Arts | 255 McKibbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11221: Online Exhibition


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