Barry Pickering & Jack Savage: A Blast from the Past (2015-2019)

This is collaborative studio portrait series by photographer Barry Pickering, modelled and edited by Pangea Prize winning digital artist Jack Savage. The theme is based upon time travelling - Barry casting Jack into different eras and time periods through history. The aim was to produce Classical, atmospheric images, using 1-3 light set ups – to as Barry Pickering states "to enter the mood of the time period with the model, and try and catch a little of piece of our past", utilising different looks, and props – to recreate the mood of of any one particular era.

Barry Pickering & Jack Savage: Series ‘’A Blast from the Past’’ (2015-2019)

Barry Pickering & Jack Savage: Series ‘’A Blast from the Past’’ (2015-2019)

This series is unique in that the model and editor of Barry’s incredible images - is the award winning artist Jack Savage himself. Jack comments how "off all the photographers I have modelled for – Barry is the most talented and creative in his approach to fine art photography. We are on similar pages artistically, and have been producing fruitful collaborations together for the last 5 years, and long may this continue".

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