Lee Smith: Boys at Play

I took the photograph of “Boys at Play” in October, 2019 outside Mastrosasso Torricella an unpretentious, small, family run, farm house-like restaurant tucked in the hills near Valsamoggia, Italy, which is about an hour and


Shobha Gopinath: A Bhutanese ‘Tsechu’

Nestled in the Himalayas is landlocked Bhutan, a country rich in culture and history. Bhutanese traditions have endured through the centuries and is preserved till today. One of the most important traditions is the festival


Shyamala Thilagaratnam: Child’s Play

It was such a privilege to spend a week off the grid in the remote Turkana region of northern Kenya. The children of Turkana exuded an infectious joy whether they were at school, at work

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