Antonio Luis Remartinez: Hacia un nuevo camino

This image is taken at Christmas of the year in Paris in celebration of my 60 years, my birthday is on Christmas Day. The first time i visited Paris, i was 14 years old, l fell in love and l continue to fall in love every time l go, and l had always thought that l would like to turn 60 in Paris, and l did.

Remembering those days, l began to look at photos that l had taken, and when l saw this (which is still a photo of a tourist who walks without much pretense)

l began to imagine that l could create, that l could capture, and l begin to think in that cyclist hidden in the corner, where would he go, because he was isolated in the capture. In this process of changing the sensations when looking at the image, it is when l realize that l still have to enhance it more, that the only important element in the frame is him, the cyclist ( with all his world, his thoughts and mine ) and that’s when l start to manipulate the image; this time there are no double exposures, bur a movement effect; I achieve that it is greater by blurring the colors , transforming them into white and gray, and causing on the one hand more diffusion and on the other, highlighting the cyclist even more, and achieving an effect of escape, of escape; It is not known from what, or where, or perhaps if ” but that remains fort the interpretation of each one”.





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