Antonio Luis Remartinez: Caminantes Perdidos

Searching in the duality of images, of things, I always find that unreal world that I imagine and intend to show, sometimes I achieve it and sometimes not!

In ” Lost Walkers”, that duality is found in the double exposure of two photographs, which have nothing to do with each other ( or perhaps if, given the circumstances we are experiencing of loneliness, isolation).

The double exposure of these two opposing images, nature and the city; they merge into a single image, to represent a single unreality “loneliness”, how we find ourselves los both in nature and in the city.
The first image, forest and swamp, located in Ligüerre de Cinca, when I took this photograph, I dot it thinking of causing a movement o the tress; the second image is taken in the Plaza de Catalunya en Barcelona, at five o’ clock in the afternoon, without empty people “all strange2, as soon as I focus, the first photograph that I have commented comes to the image, nature.

And when I got home I began to think, how could I go to those two realities ? How can I reflected that loneliness, independent, in a single, the result of my work is what see WALKERS LOST.

In that search for dualities, for unrealities I find realities alien to oneself, ,that is why it has to be transformed and what better than with photography.





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