Antonio Luis Remartinez: Raíces inversas

This image represents a little, what for me is the concept of photography, and what it should convey: feelings, emotions and above all transform the reality seen, captured.

Normally when I take the camera and take pictures, I don’t look at them, I don’t put them on the computer until a week or more has passed; With this image it was different, I went prom the camera to the Ipad, that same afternoon, a feeling, a need, I don’t know!

Photograph taken at a specific moment, and that after a few months has transformed into something different and special, full of emotions and tears.
I took it (I took them, for when they are two different images) on February 29 (last day I saw my mother “then I didn’t know”) in the time I had since I said goodbye to my mother at the residence and took the bus to return to Sitges.

In that space of time, I always walk through the Pinseque town, and I’m looking for images, realities that I can transform; in this case it was those two dry, sad, lifeless trees (who was going to tell me)
Back on the train, I looked at them and started to think and compose what I had in mind and the result is what you see.

What happens next That that image, that photograph, becomes the last one I that town, when I don’t return; because my mother dies COVID. So that image “inverse roots” has become, in a world of memories, of life and death, of sadness ultimately on CHANGED REALITIES.




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