Antonio Luis Remartinez: Vagando

When you shot and subsequentIy processed the image, I see those two thoughts that aIways disturb me and come to mind, when I’m walking through a city, this time around Barcelona. Who does not Iook? Who does not think?, to that person, in that person who is front, when crossing a traffic light.

We begin to imagine things, about her, where is she from? where is it going?…?, is he looking at us?,concerns and thoughts that come unintentionally to our mind, suddenly, in the blink of an eye. We look, we observe and we think, this time when carrying the camera, the image is retained, the thought is fixed.

The other thought, in this case is caused by the condition of the person in front of me; left, abandoned, perhaps without resources to live, and the image and the thought hardens more, it becomes sadder, more opaque, darker; and why not? fearfully. On this occasion, he did not go in to value the person, who is in front of me ( I am no one for it), I value my thoughts, my feelings and especially my fears.

As a result of all this, that I have taken, hardens, remains cols, without light IT IS SAD,DARK, like my thoughts. From aII this, it is WANTED, to go from one place to another, without a fixed edge; like thoughts and imagination.  



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