Christopher Burkins: Rare Opportunity

My name is Christopher Burkins and I live in Maryland, USA. I’m currently a student at Towson University and I enjoy photography. 

I took this image in January 2020. I was walking around my neighborhood with my camera looking for things (plants or animals) to photograph. I am often more successful at photographing plants, but I have a telephoto lens which helps with getting macro shots of anything. I saw this bird sitting still on a tree branch for a very long time and after several attempts, I got my desired photograph.

I enjoy photographing plants and wildlife because it is peaceful and helps relieve my stress and anxiety. This was taken just a couple of months before the COVID-19 lockdown, and it’s a reminder of how much nature and landscape photography calms my anxiety. I don’t know why, but whenever I look at nature I feel a lot better. This was true before the pandemic, it’s still true during the pandemic, and will continue to be long after the pandemic is over.

In addition to calming my anxiety, I photograph nature to encourage better protection of the environment. We share this planet with many other species and my hope is that my photography will help us put all our petty arguing aside and bring us together to protect this planet and everything on it.



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