Lia Mageira: Full Moon over the City

“Then there was a great earthquake, the sun turned black like mourning clothes,

the moon turned red like blood”

Revelation of John

Red is the colour of love and revolution.

The deep red colour of the moon was once considered an omen of frightening events, associated with blood.

The night is warm in Xylokastro, the coastal city at the Corinthian Gulf. Inside the houses grow shadows, invisible hands pull the curtains, fingers click on the piano keys forgotten music. The laundry spread out on the rooftops looks white, like bridal sheets.

The moon with the bright light of both the sunrise and the sunset makes the buildings shine in strange colours.

A child next to me asks his mother to catch the moon. “Your hands will blush,” she tells him, and the colour will not go away. The child cries, he does not care if his hands remain red. I set up the tripod, I take some shots, I try to concentrate. I wish to take pictures of it before it goes up. But the child cries, and he wants to catch it, to touch it before losing it in the dome of the sky.

The sea is dark, only the murmur of the waves can be heard and some slight steps. Did the Niriides, the daughters of the god Poseidon, go ashore?

The child stopped crying, held a shell and put it in his ear to hear the sound of the sea.

His hands are red, like May roses.

Lia Mageira is a Greek travel photographer based in Athens. She holds a degree of the University of West Athens. She has a background on Art and Writing. Her work has appeared in more than 80 national and international magazines and websites.






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