Ligin Lee: Endless waiting

July is the month of yearning, and the people you miss will come to your dreams quietly under the water lantern. That year, I’m only one-year-old. my biological father took a bamboo raft to fish on the sea. That day, the wind and rain threw like crazy on the boat. My biological father and his partners could only fight to land. He kept paddling and all his strength was exhausted when he arrived at Wuqi Beach, the cold winter wind took away his soul, leaving only the scratches of his hands on the sand ground as if saying goodbye to my mother and us. After that, at night, my father would meet my mother in dreams from time to time, and the eternal parting would transform into eternal thoughts.

My mother is eighty-eight years old this year. I accompany my mother to live the days after my father left. I saw her sadness, miss, and helplessness. She often said my father came back to talk to her. she said that day, he was standing far away and chatting with her happily but didn’t know what he was talking about. Day and night, day by day passed, but life always has to go on. After nearly sixty years, I gradually understand the truth of love and memory in her heart. What are memories? Memories seem to be nostalgia for the past. But is it? I have a different interpretation of memories. I think it is an extension of emotion and love. Some things will not disappear because of the disappearance of time. Some emotions always exist at the moment you are alive, and perfect beauty memory accompanies your lifetime.

I also believe that the true meaning of love is immortal. It exists in the invisible, perhaps just a greeting or a smile, sincere and pure. At the moment you start your heart, love happens, and once it happens, it will not disappear. Even if some feelings have deteriorated, it does not represent the purity of the original intention. Life is very short The communication between people is only a flash in the pan, but if you look carefully, take a closer look at the people around you, the friends you associate with, your family members, and perhaps you also find them in them. Between you and me, shining with the shining light of beautiful love. Even if love becomes a memory, but it still shines beautifully in your life.



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