Ligin Lee: You can do it

I always cheer for myself Creativity: There are many motorcycles on the streets of Taiwan. People use it as a means of transportation. You can see them in cities or countries.

I like to take photos of motorcycles, especially old motorcycles. They seem to have their own unique style.

Sometimes I even imagine that people and motorcycles have become one. Like running feet. Take people shopping, fall in love, go to school, go to work… There is a lot of life time on motorcycles. The motorcycle has a lot of relationship with me. Being carried to and from school, to work, for a drive. I have many good memories that happened on the motorcycle. Because of this convenience, life becomes rushed. Always whizzing through streets, alleys, mountain roads, and wherever you can reach. In my imagination.

I imagined the motorcycle as a horse. A horse from the prairie, It also retains the innocent and natural. I combine motorcycles and horses. Its black and rusty body seems to illustrate the past and memories of the journey. I design my dark horse bit by bit. The dark horse has a special meaning to the Chinese. It means that the game is not favored, but in the end it wins unexpectedly. Its eyes are a little melancholy, expecting the unknown. But the feet are very strong.

I designed several motors for it, so that it has more power. When creating, I often enter the subconscious mind, I become a member of the character. I found a companion for him. a bird, it waited quietly, Encourage my horse hero to break through. My friend asked me. Are you a bird or a horse? In fact, I am both horse and bird, even a spectator, or I am also a railing or a dark sky. The motor horse is also a limitation. In modern society, living like a machine. Even so, I must always Encourage myself to move forward.





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