Michael Nguyen: Looking ahead to the future

Covid-19 changed the world and humanity immensely. I see the future of mankind rather gloomy because we destroy the environment and focus primarily on economic profit, many people concentrate exclusively on themselves and it shows that a peaceful coexistence even times like Covid-19 is difficult to make.

Certainly, this lockdown time has created a unique and strange situation and also great opportunities for artists and creators to capture the essence of the world. I have been intensively observing the behavior of people in these days, the interaction between human beings and their activities in leisure time while driving down the “lockdown”. There we can see some light in the dark.

My series of „portraying human conditions in a very human and touching way“ (Award Fresh19, Bronze, Portrait) in my series THE WORLD AND EVERYONE WE HAVEN’T KNOWN (IN THIS LIFE) is continued with Part 2 with works from the years 2019 – 2020. On the streets, in the museum, on the river banks, in the woods, underground. We meet them everywhere.

We don’t talk to them, we just watch them doing whatever they are doing. We don’t ask ourselves what they are thinking or what their lives are like. We just like those moments and capture these. Because we want them in our memories. And maybe those people are not strangers. Maybe we know them in other lives. Maybe someday we know them again in this life or the life after. But right now we miss them.





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