Ruth Penn: Sunset during Lockdown

Covid-19 Era is really an unnatural time. This unseen, cruel, evasive, elusive virus has totally changed the game: don’t touch, don’t hug, don’t kiss, keep a long distance from another human being, stay home, don’t crowd, keep apart…

I am a people’s person. I need the touch, the hug, the kiss, the closeness; I need the walks on the beach, the smell of the sea, the sight of a myriad people sunbathing and frolicking among the waves, the sight of hundreds of vehicles roaming the roads; I need the theatre, the opera, the museums, the library; I need the restaurants and the little coffee shops…I need to meet my beloved family, my beloved friends…I yearn for my four years old granddaughter’s loving hug and wet kiss on my chick, I long to hug my grandsons…

There is some comfort in the fact that everyone who reads my words will understand all that. We are social creatures. We need one another. We all yearn for a medical breakthrough. We want our lives back as we remember them.

In the meantime I spend most of my time in my living room. I read a lot, work on my photos(at least it fills me and the time flies so fast…) and tidy up all that needed to be organized.

I was sitting in our living room one of theses Covid-19 afternoon, reading a very interesting book on my iPad. Just to relieve my eyes for a few second I lifted them up from the book and to my utmost surprise, was struck by the rich colors of the sunset, glowing in the big, wide window. It is important to state that this particular window is facing East.

There is no sunset there. Sunsets here happen in the West, where the sun sinks in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the bright yellowish-orange glow, colored the facades of the buildings which stand behind us, lighting up the whole neighborhood in that glorious yellow-orange hue. spontaneously I lifted my iPhone and snapped a picture. just this one photo! I was impatient to start working on it, to bring it to the mood I envisions for that photo. I wanted to show the gloom as well as the hope; the bright as well as the black; the enclosed feeling as opposed to the wide open window, the suffocation as well as the open air streaming from the outside.

There is almost despair in the air. But there is also a great hope for better tomes, better human relationship, a better life, a better world.



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