BOTANICA – Every day is a new color by Caterina Vitellozzi

Nature nurtures us with the powerful light of colors’ infinite nuances, which we experience every day. That is the inspiration of a project Caterina Vitellozzi created to celebrate the great energy of colours – featuring flowers, fruits and plants – and exploring their resonance with her mosaics.


© Caterina Vitellozzi


It focuses on the relationship between human landscapes, nature and the environment. Different materials are chosen, touched upon, cut and matched together: from the warmer and more natural ones such as trees, stones, marbles, gold and fragmentsfrom nature, to the colder and harsher ones such as glass paste,glass, iron and concrete.

© Caterina Vitellozzi


Combining these materials creates a new balance every time, a balance that communicates directly with our ‘innermost feelings. By doing so, Caterina encompasses visions of pure primary scenes, which are rich in light, energy and vibrations. They animate our sensibilities and our ability to contemplate, listen and share.

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Caterina Vitellozzi




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