By the lake, in the forest and in the meadow by Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen / Gauting – Photo by TTN

“In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks”. – John Muir

The burble of the water stream running through the forest clears our littered mind. The silent but resilient greenery of plants and trees soothes our inner turbulence. This warm, rustling earth always supports our wandering steps. This high blue sky frees us from our mundane worries and blows hope into our next breath. We are all wired to be calm and truly happy with those things. 

Michael Nguyen captures those feelings and atmospheres in these more then fifty picturesque serene photos, which he has taken in spring 2020 when he walked through the forests and meadows in the Gauting area. We also accompany the photographer on some walks in Munich parks and cemeteries and also on walks on the shores of two lakes of the Five-Lakes Land. Although in black and white, these photos lack no color of feelings and emotions. And they give viewers the freedom of interpretation.

So in this disturbing time, go into nature with Michael Nguyen, with another person or two, or alone to enjoy what it gives us. And be thankful and respectful.


At the jetty / Starnberg
  • Under the big blue sky / Buchendorf
  • Good night Europe / Gauting
  • The walkers / Gauting
  • The naked man / Gauting
  • A star is born / München
  • Giving up / München
  • Hand in hand / Stockdorf
  • Riding between shadows / Dachau
  • Sunny I love you / Gauting
  • Country road / Buchendorf
  • Cloudy sky / Gauting
  • Cycling / Gauting
  • Death came after the storm / Gauting
  • Ghost forest / Gauting
  • View into the valley / Gauting
  • The princess / Gauting
  • The soldier / Gauting
  • Thinking / Buchendorf
  • Through the woods / Gauting
  • Weekend / Gauting
  • In the afternoon light / Gauting
  • Four kids / Gauting
  • In the Park / München
  • It‘s getting cold / Gauting
  • Silver tree / Gauting
  • The angry one / Gauting
  • Enter the dark forest / Gauting
  • An afternoon among the dead / München
  • Life and death / Gauting
  • Between the trees / Gauting
  • Silence / Weßling
  • By the river Würm / Gauting
  • Do you hear the voices? / Gauting
  • Two eyes / Gauting
  • The guardians / Gauting
  • Rest In Peace / München
  • Light at the end of the way / Gauting
  • Sissi / Possenhofen
  • The philosopher / Gauting
  • The heat / Gauting
  • Sea of flowers, clouds of trees / Gauting
  • I see green and yellow / Gauting
  • Electricity / Gauting
  • By the lake / Weßling
  • After Corona Extra Party / Gauting
  • A storm will come / Gauting
  • Opposite / München
  • We are small / Gauting
  • Resting break / Gauting
  • By the river Würm
  • The house in the water / Gauting
  • Steady / Gauting
  • The meadow shines in all its glory / Gauting

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”. – Henry David Thoreau

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself”. – Maxime Lagacé

In the 1980s and 1990s Michael Nguyen works as journalist, artist, poet, photographer, publisher, editor-in-chief of four special interest magazines, concert organizer, bookseller, online editor. Two book publications, anthologies, magazines etc.

Michael Nguyen has been living in Munich since 2007 and has dedicated himself entirely to art again since 2018. He is an artist, not a photographer but more a photographic poet or something he himself could not define. He moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. Most of the time, he focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, give them new perspectives, a new soul. Michael Nguyen’s photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible – worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.

Michael Nguyen about himself

„Our head is round so that thinking can change direction“, a sentence by the writer and artist Francis Picabia, who inspired me as a young man interested in art and the art scene. Art broadened my perspectives and saved my soul. After almost two decades, I found my way back to art in the dark times of my life in early 2018. Yes, once again art has saved my soul.

2.6.2020: MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards: The artwork “In the darkest hours” has been awarded MIFA Bronze 2020 in Category: Nature/Trees

2.6.2020: MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards: The series “In unknown worlds of the subconscious” has been awarded MIFA Bronze 2020 in Category: Fine Art – Special Effects

2.6.2020: MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards: Three artworks have been awarded MIFA – Honorable Mention 2020 1: “You never walk alone” in Category: Fine Art – Collage 2: “Antimatter” in Category: Fine Art – Collage 3: “Stay at home” in Category: Fine Art – Special Effects

27.5.2020: Four works “Corona-App”, „Antimatter”, “An uncertain future“ and “Outrun yesterday” have been awarded an Honorable Mention in the IPA – International Photography Awards One Shot / Movement Photo Contest

For two works Honorable Mentions Award from Monovisions Awards 2019 “Man at the end of the corridor” & “From Darkness to Light….”

One work was awarded a prize: BUDAPEST INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS 2019 Winner: Bronze: Category: Fine Art Special Effects Professional BIFA 2019 “From Darkness to Light….”

Award Fresh19 Bronze Reportage / London. The winning entries are from the album “The World and Everyone We Haven´t Known”. This is a recognition for Michael’s work of portraying human conditions in a very human and touching way.

Award Fresh19 / London Carbon. Category Portraiture. “There are still shadows in and around me after the war in Afghanistan, but the warming lights of loved ones on my skin give hope….”

Berg / Germany: 8.2.20 – 22.5.20 Group Exhibition (print) “Repressed Secrets” – Seven artworks , Haleh Gallery

Paris / France: 17.9.20 – 19.9.20 – Group Exhibition (Digitally showcased).  “Gravitation” was selected for the “People & Places“ Exhibition, Studio Gallery B&B

Milan / Italy: 10.9.20 – 13.9.20 – Group Exhibition (digitally showcased). “Platform projected” was selected for the “Art of Black and White“ Exhibition, MIA Photo Fair

Budapest / Hungary: 21.8.20 – 23.8.20 Group Exhibition (digitally showcased). „Antimatter” was selected for the “Art of Photography” Exhibition, PH 21 Photography Gallery

Stockholm / Sweden: 23.7.20 – 26.7.20 Group Exhibition (digitally showcased). „In the darkest hours” was selected for the “Powerful Compositions” Exhibition, Kontrast Galleri

Melbourne / Australia: 10.7.20 – 12.7.20 – Group Exhibition (Digitally showcased). “Still no answer” was selected for the”Dramatic Lighting“ Exhibition, Laurent Gallery

Athen / Greece: 26.6.20 – 28.6.20 Group Exhibition (Digitally showcased).  “The third one” was selected for the “Nature Photography” Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery

Los Angeles / USA: 26.6.20 – 28.6.20 Group Exhibition (Digitally showcased). “Reduction 8″ was selected for the „Minimalism” Exhibition, LACP – The Los Angeles Center of Photography

Los Angeles / USA: 26.6.20 – 28.6.20 Group Exhibition (Digitally showcased). “Lights from above” was selected for the „Our amazing planet” Exhibition, LACP – The Los Angeles Center of Photography

Berlin / Germany: 5.6.20 – 7.6.20 – Group Exhibition (print). “The Basin” was selected for “THE ART OF BW PHOTOGRAPHY“ Exhibition, BBA Gallery

Athen / Greece: 29.5.20 – 10.6.20 – Group Exhibition (print) “Streetphotography”.  „One world, united freedom“ has been selected to be exhibited at Blank Wall Gallery.

Bobingen / Germany: 1.3.20 – 5.4.20: Group Exhibition (print) „Eine visuelle Begegnung in Bobingen”.  „Munich waiting“ has been selected to be exhibited at Galerie im Unteren Schlößchen in Bobingen/Bavaria

Krailling / Germany: 1.12.2019 – 29.2.20 Single Exhibition (print) “Frames” – 36 artworks, Atelierhaus Krailling

Krailling / Germany: 3.11.19 – 29.11.19 Single Exhibition (print) “Mit dem dritten Auge eines Wanderers durch das visuelle Abenteuer des Lebens” – 72 artworks, Atelierhaus Krailling

Tartu / Estonia: 23.9.19 – 21.10.19 Single Exhibition (print) “THE WORLD AND EVERYONE WE HAVEN’T KNOWN (IN THIS LIFE)” – 26 photographs, Cafe Ruunipizza

Berlin / Germany: 5.9.18 – 31.10.18 Group Exhibition (print) “MLF”- 15 artworks, Meyr’s Hotel

Michael Nguyen:

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