Call for the Photography Day Corona Edition 2021 at Preus Museum / Norway

Preus Museum is the national museum of photography in Norway and has hosted the Photography Day since 2007. The Photography Day is a celebration of the wonderful medium that entered the world through the daguerreotype in August 1839. The museum aim to connect the different uses of the medium, both amateurs, artists, and professionals. The one-day-event is filled with exhibitions, lectures, and activities.

Preuss Museum

© Knut Egil Wang, Standstill, 2020

Preus Museum Photography Day is pleased to announce the fourteenth open call to the Juried exhibition! photographers are invited to submit their work for the 2021 festival theme: Documentation of the present.

The past year has been challenging all around the globe due to the global pandemic. Today’s humans have never experienced this kind of common challenge, although it can look very different in different parts of the world.

“We challenge photographers, amateurs, and artists of all ages to share with us the connections you see with our theme. What has this last year felt like? Can you interpret your experience in photos? Is your story a highly personal one, or will you tell a tale that is universal?”

A jury of experts aims to select the work of 50 photographers to exhibit on the Preus Museum Photography Day – Corona edition on the 28th of August.

Submission Infos

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