Creators gallery: Gregory Moutsios

Gregory Moutsios was born in Proti Serron Greece, in 1965. He studied Pure Mathematics at Aristotle University. During his studies he was involved in an application development about Image Processing. Later he attended an one-year photography workshop at the Photographic Group of the Kalamaria Municipality (1997 – 1998); the next year as a member of the Photographic Group: “OMADA 13 / GROUP 13” of the Photographic Centre of Thessaloniki developed further his photographic skills. In 1999 he co-founded the Photographic Group “ATROPOS”, which in 2002 was disbanded. After a long period of working solo, Moutsios decided to be a co-founder of a new Photographic Group, “Project φ, Photography”. The new group will start producing work the next season. Meanwhile he is curator for TAGREE in Greece and Cyprus and he is working at Vassiliadis College as a teacher of Mathemathics. From time to time runs the Photography Club at the college.


  • Remezzo Cultural Hall, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki – Group exhibition

  • Photographic Centre of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – Group exhibition: “Conception”

  • Photographic Centre of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – Group exhibition: “Cheap Art”

  • Arty Café, Thessaloniki – Single exhibition / Selected Works

  • Cultural Hall of Panorama Municipality, Thessaloniki – Group exhibition : “Time and Silence”


  • Photoeidolo ( Magazine about Photography) – Issue 13 / Time & Photography
    Cover Photo, text and images (2 pages)

  • Ventana de Luz ( Revista fotografia) – Issue “Truth / Lie”
    (2 pages)

  • Fotografos de fin de milenio (Multimedia CD Presentation) – Volume 4 / “fotografos internacionales”

  • Various internet galleries and online magazines

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