Encaustic | Workshop in a Box

INSTRUCTORS | Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully

“With social distancing across the country we have decided to create a four hour Zoom online encaustic workshop with a half hour followup a few days later.  How will that work?  We will ship you a box full of all the equipment, supplies and tools you will need to participate along with us. This includes 4 boards with your images prepped and ready for encaustic along with one image/board for you to practice gluing. The cost of the class will include shipping to you and the return to us.”

The workshop will cover:

  • History of encaustic and view examples of work
  • Preparing digital images for printing
  • Preparation of boards
  • Application of encaustic
  • Demonstration of hand coloring on wax
  • Incising in the wax with various tools
  • Image transfer onto the wax with inkjet copies
  • Layering of images with tissue paper
  • Demonstration of application of cold wax
  • Various techniques to add texture to wax
  • Finishing the sides of the boards and proper hanging techniques
  • Care of encaustic art


Date: 10. July 2021

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