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As you know, TAGREE does not focus on the photo industry. We like special places, places where "the ordinary citizen spends time". Therefore, we are happy to organize the TAGREE exhibition in such a place: A gallery in the entrance of a market hall where people buy their groceries for daily needs. A daily well frequented place.

We have been promoting photographers with publications in TAGREE Magazine for over two year, some weeks before we opened our editorial News and Community section and now we are able offering some of you the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition in a gallery in Frankfurt.

The registration fee to TAGREE of 40 EUR is to cover a fraction of the cost of the work and time.

The gallery can display exactly 25 images. They will be hung in brass-coloured magnetic frames (60x60cm) with passe-partout on Hahnemühle paper. The pictures can be in portrait, landscape or square format. The size of the prints is approx. 25,0 x 37,5 cm. The gallery will also produce postcards of each motif. The artist will receive 10, the gallery 90 for sale and PR purposes.

The artist submits printable files with the registration form from which the gallery will make the prints. The motifs of the exhibition will continue to be available for order in the gallery's online shop after the exhibition has ended. Sales proceeds will be shared as described in the Gallery Agreement. The selling price of a photograph is set by the artist. In the case of requests from customers who want a print in a larger format during the exhibition or from the online store offer, the gallery will contact the photographer to determine a selling price.

The gallery is located in the centre of Frankfurt, not far from the Museum für Moderne Kunst, and is situated in the entrance area of a market hall where people shop every day for everyday goods. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 10.00 - 18.00 and Sat 10.00 - 16.00.


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Entrance area of a market hall - Apfelweingalerie

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