Fine Art Photography by Frank Peters

Frank Peters is a Fine Art, Travel and Landscape Photographer from The Netherlands. “Fine art photography is the creation of tranquil non-existing moving moments”, Peters says. “Images that tell more about the photographer than the beauty of the images reveals”.

His work is mainly about the search for balance, perfection and a flee from reality. His dreamy, romantic and at the same time fairly neurotic and perfectionistic nature makes it necessary for him to balance and perfect to meet the demands that he imposes on himself or to escape from them.

In his photos that is reflected in balanced compositions, the pursuit of perfection in technique and a dreamy or threatening atmosphere.

Frank Peters recently won the International Photography Award (IPA, NewYork) in the category Minimalism. He also received several Honorable Mentions. His awarded work can be found here






Awards, Mentions, Exhibitions 2019:​​​​​ Winner International Photography Awards (IPA) Minimalism, Honorable Mention International Photography Awards (IPA), Honorable Mention Minimalist Photography Awards, Expo long exposure fine art color photos gallery ‘Bij Leth’, Bronze One Eyeland world’s top 10 B&W photo contest, Nominees Fine Art Photography Awards, Finalist Siena International Photography Awards

His book (Text in Dutch & English) ‘The Story of my Light’ signed and with a personal message! can be ordered here


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