Fine Art Photography by Karim Bouchareb

Karim Bouchareb is an Algerian Fine Art photographer while working as a legal administrator in an industrial company in Annaba(bône). He tries to fuse reality with the imagination of things that can take people out of the gloomy reality to live sometime in the world that he creates.

Midwinter sea by Karim Bouchareb

When he first started as a photographer, all his shots were "just for fun". It was easy to see why he enjoyed them. After all, he looked at photography as an escape from reality.

"However, once I decided to dive into this world, I had planted a seed that made me look at photography as a mission and no longer just a passion. If you are honest, photography also lets you express yourself and your opinions. You can do this by choosing what you would shoot, and how you would represent it. Some photos can change the way you see the world for the rest of your life" said Karim Bouchareb.

Due to his personality, he is interested in the most mysterious and dramatic works, which are somewhat classical or sometimes frightening. He draws some perceptions going on in his mind or some social issues, especially in his country, Algeria, such as the issues of freedom or illegal immigration, which have had an important aspect in his work.

Karim Bouchareb



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