Helsinki Photo Festival

Helsinki Photo Festival pushes the boundaries for exploring photography and brings the artistic medium of photography back on the streets. Every year the festival presents selected works of emerging photographers selected through a theme-based open call for artists.

For the period of twelve weeks July 7 – September 30, the event will attract visual media enthusiasts of all ages to photo exhibitions spread around Greater Helsinki. The festival is divided into 2 phases. The first phase consists of outdoor exhibitions starting July and the second phase kicks off late summer with pedagogical events in August – September.   

“We help artists to connect with audiences and experts in the field of photography and visual culture. We give artists access to an international network enabling them to find new ways to work, get published and exhibit abroad and in Finland. The main initiative is to increase the visibility of contemporary photography through events and learning activities to give participants the opportunity to develop their projects as well as their artistic independence.”

Helsinki Photo Festival, is a non-profit association created to attract interest and disseminate information on photography and visual culture in Finland and abroad. 

30. July - 30. September 2021

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