House of Lucie Budapest Gallery

Lucie Foundation is proud to invite you to the Budapest International Foto Awards exhibition in the House of Lucie Budapest Gallery. The group exhibition will showcase the winning images of the 2020 Budapest International Foto Awards, comprising 33 artworks of the 1st and 2nd place winners in each category.
The show will be on view by appointment, from 1st till the 14th of July, 2021.
Address // Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 30, 1055 / appointment only / please request a viewing by emailing us at:
The work of the following photographers will be part of the exhibition: Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Sabrina Komár, Amyn Nasser, Luca Rosati, Austin Irving, Jose Roberto Bassul, Simon Johansson, Jorge Novominsky, Daniel Antalfi, Lebohang Kganye, Gita Montazer, Torleif Lie, Földi László, Wei Ding, Arseniy Neskhodimov, Lara Alcantara, Nicoletta Cerasomma, Austin Irving, Tomoya Matsuura, Fabio Galvez, Gábor Hegyi-Kovács, Oliver Raschka, Karina Bikbulatova, Marco Marcone, Domenico Iannantuono, Werner Roelandt, Mieke Douglas, Irma Szabó, Mea Baráth, Natalia Krezel, Simone Francescangeli, Irina Petrova, Sebastiano Bellomo.


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