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Landscape Photography by Sadiq AlQatari - Tagree

Landscape Photography by Sadiq AlQatari

“The title of my series is »The Arabian Desert by the eyes of its people«. Since I live in a country where the vast majority of land covered by deserts. I was inspired by the sea and desert where most of my shots are either seascapes or desert-scapes.”

Sadiq AlQatari is a professional engineer working as a consultant in the oil business. He was born and raised in a little town located by the seaside called “Al Qatif”. This town is located in the western part of Persian gulf or in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia where traditional wooden fishing boats are located. Also, he lives in a country where the vast majority of land covered by deserts. He doesn’t consider himself as a professional photographer but as a hobby photographer.

When we look at his photos we feel the soft sand, the endless vastness, and the glowing heat. Wavy sea of sand, as far as the eye can see, in which meter-high dunes draw serpentine lines. We see Bedouins on camels the best companions for the desert and curious desert goats in yellow sand. Sadiq AlQatari takes us on a journey in his homeland, to the Arabian Desert.


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