Slider Photos by Stefan Zimmermann

With this possibilities you can support TAGREE

Unlike other platforms, our promotion service for artists and photographers is completely in the most sections free of charge and there are no submission fees for the creators. To sustain this free service, we  have developed possibilities, in which you can support TAGREE and artists all over the world.

Photo by Torsten Richter

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The smart way to donate
for TAGREE with a one-time, monthly or quarterly donation

Of course you can also donate with a one-time, monthly or quarterly donation every amount from 5,00 EUR – unlimited on. The donation to TAGREE can be paid by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer:


Love art, take part! 

Photo by Jörg Erbar


The smart way to have
your own gallery on TAGREE

Why an own gallery although you have already been presented in the amazing shots or with a portfolio? In your own gallery you can continuously present your new works and you can present works sorted by themes. With your choice to book your own gallery on you make it possible for us to finance our free of charge publications in the areas portfolio, stunning artworks, amazing shots and impressive findings. To book your own gallery is a sponsorship and as a sponsor you support the cultural work of TAGREE. For your sponsorship money you will receive as usuall a reward, our reward is:

Publication and hosting up to 90 photos. One portrait photo. Vita in text form. Price for an unlimited time EUR 180,00


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Love art, take part!