Mobile Photography Open Call

The PHmuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize is now open for submissions. This 3rd edition's theme is Portraits - a reflection on identity, representation, and self-representation in the digital age. With part of Generation Z (born 1997-2012) and the whole Generation Alpha (2010 onwards) being the first people in human history to have full consciousness of their image and own portrayal since a very young age, PHmuseum aims to explore how mobile phones and the digital environment are influencing the perception of the self and the way we live.

What does it mean “to be present” in a digital world base on representation? With this open call, they will explore such relevant questions and look for photographs that could help us document and understand this constantly evolving phenomenon. Images that can provoke new reflections to understand how the millenary human fascination for representation and self-representation is approaching this digital era.

The open call offers $5,000 in cash for the mobile photos of the year, inclusion in the third 200-image photobook on mobile photography, and feature in a physical exhibition at PHmuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy. Plus features on BuzzFeed News and C41 Magazine. Learn more and consider applying at

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