MUSE Photography Awards 2021. Deadline: 15. July 2021

The MUSE Photography Awards captures, retains and celebrates the many talented photographers of all levels and genres with their timeless imagery and ingenuity. Evoking emotions from all senses, we believe that a single photograph can transcend all languages and country, becoming truly international by telling a story of its own. This is your time to show your creativity, and this is the perfect platform to do so.

„Time stops for no one. Its passage brings change, and creates history. Despite the ever-changing nature of our world, we continue to adapt and overcome. Here at MUSE, we recognize those who reign above change, with creativity that pens history and designs which stand against the test of time. Seasons change, and brings about creation and destruction. A MUSE keeps watch, and captures these moments. They predict what is to come, and they watch ever closer, all to record these instances for posterity, and to tell of the beauty that comes with time, or lost to its throes. Amidst it all, the MUSE is unmoved.“

You are indomitable. You conquer change.


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