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This is one of my photos from an ongoing series called “Urban composition”. This one also dates back to the year 2017 (like the other ones I posted here before). I am a true shadow

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Another shadow-play, that dates back to October 2017. I love to play with shadows and geometry…the pale-blue sky is the cherry on the top! This one is part of a series of photographs named “Neighborhood

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The rough and vibrant colours in my photos help support the main framework in which I make paintings. I believe natural corrosion forms a composition straight from nature. The Elements and buildings that surrounds us

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This photo dates back to August 2017, and was taken in the surroundings of my city, Ílhavo-Aveiro, Portugal, on a hot summer day. With the grace of sunlight, the shadow of the leaf against the

She’s a Rainbow by Basile Pesso
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2nd of my SideWalking series shown here, also 2nd of my The yellow Line(s) series shown here. Not far in composition from the first SideWalking.

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Barcelona, April 2 016, 1st broadcast by then First image shown here of my Zebra series, which has seen about 40 published images. Composition around a zebra crossing.  

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1st image shown here of a series I started years ago, The Yellow Line(s), which has now seen about 95 images published. This one was taken in a central part of my city, Barcelona, and

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This is one of my impressionism photographs. In this photo, I tried to catch movement and color. Their mysteriousness and abstractness so fascinated me and being able to capture them in photographs which have made

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This is the first image I’m presenting to Tagree. It’s part of a series I started years ago, called SideWalking, with lone characters on the sides of the compositions, unlike other ones which will be

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Isolation – the window to a secret world, never to let its secrets known but turmoil remains and enslaves the Artist.