Photos of the Month
September 2020
by Muhammad Almasri / Jordan

Beautiful compositions and perfect angles are found everywhere waiting to be used in order to extract Fine Art Architecture images. In this city, the city of skyscrapers and towers, my eyes were caught by a very impressive building, which was placed between two others; and I was lucky enough to be on the right side to shoot this composition.

Compared to the neighboring towers, this tower is not considered distinctive; but what actually made it distinctive in this picture is its location between the two other buildings. That's where the name "In Between" came from.

Moreover, I am really amazed by the idea of ​​the eclipse, how the light comes out of the darkness. Here, I used the shadows to silence all the visual noise and direct the viewer’s eyes directly towards the highlighted part with high contrast and to make a much more dramatic scene in the Black and White fashion. “In between” means the light that comes from between the dark sides, just like the magic beauty of the eclipse.

For me this photo is one of the best shots which I took in Business Bay - Dubai. I consider the city of Dubai a heaven for the architectural photographer.


August 2020
Traffic Light
by Lori Sloan / USA

Generally speaking I am the type of photographer who has to mull things over. Often, I don't get the shot I want the first time and will head back out on another day with a better understanding of what I need to do. But with Traffic Light, the usual did not apply. I was just strolling back home from a photo walk with not an image in camera.

Not 2 blocks from my home, while waiting for the light to change, there it was: the shadow of the traffic light bending around the corner of a building. The sun was setting so the light was wonderful and I snapped a few shots while waiting at the corner, but knew that I had not gotten a clean one. Light turned green, I crossed the street diagonally, and waited for the right someone to walk by so I could include that human element.

Soon I realized that the shadow of the traffic light was moving really fast. And then there she was, the woman in the scarlet top. I knew that this was it. Sometimes you just know. Geometry, light, shadow, a scarlet top. A deviation from my usual black and white, but still muted. I went back a few weeks later to see what other shots I could get. But as the summer wore on, the angle of the sun changed and the height of the new construction increased and my shadow was gone...


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