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Wulf Rössler
Wulf Rössler / Switzerland: “We all strive in photography to find the essence of the human – probably a futile endeavour, but possible with approximations. I do the same in my profession as a psychiatrist. While the communication with a patient remains private, I go public with photography and the message about the human being in itself, which I want to convey. So photography is not a completely different field of activity for me, but an access to the human being by different means and with different goals.  Many photographers look in a portrait for the human in itself. It is the same wish, which drives us in street photography, with our insatiable desire to look at people. Personally, however, I believe that we are less able to look inside a person with photography than we can see in the photographed people what life and their environment has done to them. For the exploration of the human in itself, we do not necessarily need to depict people in photography.  We also find the human in many other domains of our world for example in architecture, which significantly impacts on us and our lives in its own way.  And last but not least: nothing is objective, everything what we depict in photography is an expression of ourselves. One eye looks through the lens, the other eye looks inside. This means that the viewer not only looks at the photographic image with the people or objects shown there, but also at us, the photographers. In our photographic work we expose ourselves more than we sometimes want to and sometimes more than we are aware of. My photographic work is also very practically linked to my profession, as I work in many places around the world and always take the opportunity to photograph. This is possible for a Central European person in more exotic places like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but also in places like the small university town of Lüneburg in Germany , where I had the opportunity to photograph the new university building of the architect Daniel Libeskind.”   Website Instagram Contact    
Ligin Lee
Ligin Lee / Taiwan: “For me, the exploration of art is like a heroic journey. I am a summoned person. A professor once described it as a kind of become pregnant experience, inspired by the statue of Michaelangelo when I was a child. , That day, the fire of art stayed in my heart, even if I set off very late, I could experience the magical journey of art, unfold my thoughts in the imaginary world, turn reality into unreality, swing back and forth, and wander around. Among them, sometimes I don’t know why I am so, but the flame often takes me to a place I have never been, sometimes dark, sometimes light, but at least I have been here, I think this is my own heroic journey!”   Instagram Contact
Gigi Chung
Gigi Chung / USA: “Coloromatic” is a series of vibrant abstracts exploring the use of color in architectural environments.  Colors have influenced humans both psychologically and physcially.  The appropriate choice of color combination can evoke emotions or calm the mind.  Hence, the color palettes chosen by the architects convey the mood or ambiance of the buildings. My intent of this series is to bring brightness and positive energy to the viewers.” Gigi Chung is an award-winning fine art photographer specializing in abstract architecture and portraiture. Gigi’s photos were selected by National Geographic “Your Shot Daily Dozen” in 2009 and 2010. Her works have exhibited in London, Glasgow, Portland, Vermont, Greensville, Athens, Chania, Taipei, Trieste, Tokyo and San Francisco.   Website Instagram Contact
Vicky Martin
Vicky Martin / United Kingdom: “Curiouser and Curiouser is a conceptual series of photographs influenced by the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I was inspired to create this series from personally identifying with the theme of not belonging that features prominently in Alice’s narrative. Immersed in a world of make-believe, Alice shows her courage and strength by being able to successfully navigate through a fantasy land, appearing more at home in this wonderland than that of Victorian society. In my series, the modern-day Wonderland of Las Vegas provides the backdrop for the protagonist to discover, struggle with, and eventually come to terms with her own feelings of not fitting in. Within the series, the protagonist, Alice, is accompanied by another figure, the White Rabbit. The character of the White Rabbit in my series is inspired by the following passage from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where Alice has just fallen down the rabbit hole and is contemplating how to cope with the frightening, bewildering situation she finds herself in: the narrator describes how ‘this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two people. “But it’s no use now,” thought poor Alice, “to pretend to be two people! Why, there’s hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!” (Carroll, 1865). The idea here of Alice projecting some of her own thoughts and feelings into another person was the inspiration for the relationship I created between my own Alice and White Rabbit. The figure of the White Rabbit is a manifestation of the grown-up thoughts and attitude that my protagonist is struggling to adopt and claim as her own. The White Rabbit encourages Alice to accept herself for who she is and to adapt to the daunting transition from child to adult: the calming influence to Alice’s angst and anxiety, the friend who dissipates her sense of loneliness and, the ‘one respectable person’ that Alice finds the courage to become at the end of the series. Throughout all of my work I am inspired by strong female characters, and Alice is no exception. However, behind her strength there lies doubts and insecurities about who she is and who other people think she is, which is what I sought to convey in this series. The childhood character placed into an adult world depicts the tension I wanted to create around the idea of growing-up and becoming an adult: the push-pull relationship symbolised by Alice and the White Rabbit mirrors the conflict an individual feels when leaving behind the safety and comfort of childhood for the pressure and anxiety of being an adult.”   Website Instagram Contact
Martina Singer
Martina Singer / Germany: “The beings and personages that emerge in the context of this artistic examination represent their own parts, in the spirit of C. G. Jung, who want to be seen in order to allow their own personality to mature. At the same time, this process is related to peeling onions. More and more layers are being removed to enable the encounter with the essential. It is an immersion and emergence in one’s own history and at the same time a deeper understanding of the history of humanity in general emerges. Fairytale elements facilitate access to these complex layers. Each of us knows fiary tale characters and fabulous beings. Because of their clear assignment in good and bad, they represent a good basis for my artwork. In this sense, it is also a great opportunity and a space of freedom that confirms the enjoyment of this research trip over and over again.” Website Instagram Contact
Gus / Spain: “In this series {Man and the elements, climate change} I try to tell a small but important story, visually, always trying to get the viewer to interact and create their own story with the images. Mine is easy, the world is threatened by deforestation, the forests are the lungs of our planet and we only have this one, we must take care of them. The night catches us in the big cities, the trees and the birds are those who least know the problem, but those most affected, the world changes, we lose illusions, we are condemned to a desert world, without trees, where all that surrounds us is cement, concrete, cables and technology, a walk through the countryside only on sand. This series has been awarded 1st place in the IPA (International Photography Awards) 2019 with the first prize in the category “Fine Art, College”. I hope it helps us to become aware and enjoy seeing it, and that you yourselves try to create your own illusion with it.” Instagram Website Contact
Jasbir John Singh
Jasbir John Singh / Singapore: “KITES – A VISUAL POEM is a visually poetic series that mixes fine art photography and free-form movement. The performer Syazwan Rahmad, uses the medium of white powder to powerfully accentuate his movements and strides. The photos were then pieced together in post-process to create the context of the creative chaos being created by the performer.” – The choreographer and performer trained in various dance styles such as hip-hop, jazz funk, street jazz and ethnic fusion. He is also known as one of the members of the Limited Edition SG Crew. He conducts dance courses in the above mentioned dance genres for all age groups. He has won numerous local dance competitions in Singapore, including Super24, Danceworks, Gatsby, Dance Xplosion and Jim Beam.   Website Instagram Contact
Antonio Luis Remartinez
Antonio Luis Remartinez / Spain: “My name is Antonio, I am living in Spain. In these images I try to show the duality of things, of images, of thoughts. Faced with a unique reality, a “beautiful” or unique image, with the processing, with the union of several images, that reality is transformed for us, it ends up being presented in a totally different way, harder, deeper, perhaps more reflective. I interpret photography as an inner way of expressing concerns, fears, thoughts; a deconstruction of the same reality.” Instagram Contact
Jack Savage
Jack Savage / United Kingdom: “A documentary / street series showcasing the inhabitants of the English town of Northampton – a place where urban poverty, street fashion, strange and mundane antics, and some amazing characters converge, as I attempt to document the raw and visceral culture of the Town’s streets through the vehicle of on location portraiture. Here street scenes are documented through a monochromatic lens – a style keeping to traditionalist photographic values of our not so distant past. The images portray Northampton’s native folk in a naturalistic fashion – documenting the gritty black and white classical style of street portraiture – with more than a passing nod to the tradition of British Social Realism, both from cinema and photography.”   Instagram Contact
Alessandro Paroldi
Alessandro Paroldi / Italy: “My passion for photography was born several years ago, when as a kid I enjoyed taking pictures with my parents’ cameras, simple photos, moments of family life, common souvenir photos as happens in every family. I still remember the emotion you felt when you saw the photographs for the first time, how the expressions were commented on and with what care they were filed. At the age of about 20, I bought my first SLR, and from that moment the doors of a new world opened for me. I began to experiment with different forms of photography, to play with colors, lights, shadows, to immortalize contexts and situations that appeared before my eyes. In those years the conviction began to develop in me that each photograph represented a particular vision of reality, a subjective vision of the photographer, conditioned both by the mood and the emotions and energy that a given context can offer. Usually when I arrive in a place I never start shooting immediately, first I try to settle in, to isolate myself, to observe and perceive the emotions that that context manages to transmit to me, only later I take the camera and start taking pictures. My way of interpreting photography is dynamic and changeable, I have never been anchored to precise patterns and styles, I love improvisation in all its forms, I love to capture the moments that pass before my eyes as I see them in that moment, I feel them, and I live them.” Instagram Contact
Titus in the wilderness by Cenk Bayirli
Cenk Bayirli / Turkey: “My documentary street photography is mainly based on hours of waiting to be able to capture a spontaneous real life moment in a black and white frame. I pick a spot in the city, blend in the crowd and interact with people. I like to take close up photos of people to reveal the emotions. When I take pictures of random people, I prefer to share it with them. For me street photography is storytelling with layers using full frame wide angle lenses either 24 mm or 35 mm focal lengths. Currently, I am working on long term photography projects.“ Click on the large picture to open the gallery and for full size mode Instagram Contact  
Ligin Lee
Ligin Lee / Taiwan: “At the age of 55, after graduating from the Institute of Visual Arts at Taipei City University, I created artworks that take human life as their starting point. In my photo artworks I show the meaning of life, the reality seen and undermined by the eyes. I create new visual concepts that wander between self-expression and the subconscious. During my work a window of the soul seems to open unconsciously. On the one hand we build up, on the other hand we disassemble ourselves and then redesign. It is like a journey, but also a way forward.   Instagram Contact

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