Dear photographers – artists, is a new online magazin for photography and art. We promote photographers & artists by publishing their works in the form of portfolios or categories on the site. This is completely free of charge. We would be happy to introduce one or several of your artworks if you would like to take part and get your pick for „amazing shots“ (photography) or „stunning artworks“ (art).

It is very simple:
Send weekly your three best works (max size 1024 x 768 px / 72 dpi), with your name, the title for your works, your country of residence and your website or social media x count to

Your files must be named as follows: titleSPACEbySPACEfirstnameSPACEsurname.jpg Do not use subline _ in any case. (Submissions without this handling and information will not be accepted). We will let you know if your works are chosen to be published.

We are looking forward to receiving your amazing works!