Submit for the 1st Architecture Photography MasterPrize. Deadline: 30. June 2021

Introducing the 1st Architecture Photography MasterPrize

The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) features a new award for Architectural Photography. Introducing the Architecture Photography MasterPrize (APMP), an award that recognizes outstanding architectural photography of the built environment.

Architectural photography is an integral medium used to capture and document the look and feel of architects’ work. A good photograph helps the public to understand the designer’s vision through showcasing the spatial elements, light, shadows and surface textures of a building or architectural details. Whether used for media or artistic purposes, architectural photography plays a vital role in society’s understanding and appreciation of architecture and its cultural significance.

The APMP aims to celebrate the best in architectural photography across the globe. The award recognizes outstanding images of exteriors, interiors and other forms of architectural photography. See the full list of categories listed below.

Entries are judged by a diverse panel of industry professionals, designers, architects, curators and academics, each who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the judging process. APMP will honour and award outstanding talent and visual styles in architectural photography and is open to submissions worldwide.

The 2021 Architectural Photography MasterPrize program is open now.



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