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12 January 2021: At the moment we ONLY accept single submissions for the blog!

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Submit only your best work, only one submission weekly. Please respect our work for you and follow all rules shown in the form. Your submission will be refused without notice if you do not accept ALL rules:

Upload your image (Please be polite and respectful and follow all rules): 1: Re-name your file name, example: Summertime by Beate Meyer.jpg (no minus, no underline just space). 2: Re-size your image file: 800 px long side 3: Max Upload size 500 KB / 72 dpi 4: No watermarks, signatures, frames also no white borders.

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Your submission will be reviewed within approximately one week. If all submission rules are followed and if your photo fits our aesthetic magazine profile your submission will be published, if not your submission will be deleted without notice.

Before uploading your image you have to re-size your image file and also you have to re-name your image file:

Wrong: 5460faf7aacd382f733b3572aad2c943.jpg

Correct: Example by Beate Schulze.jpg

If your file is more then 500 KB you are not able to upload it!

For example: Peter Scholz: Summertime / Full name Colon Title
For example.:
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