Surrealistic conceptual works bathed in color by Elena Paraskeva


Elena loves to create surrealistic conceptual work bathed in color and is often inspired by everyday life and popular culture. She is an international Conceptual Photographer and Art Director. Having lived and worked in the U.S for a decade, she now resides in Cyprus, but often travels for assignments. 

Elena Paraskeva’s received in September 2019 an award for her series “The Last Days Of Sara” at the International Photography Awards 2019, she received the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2019 – Jurors’ Pick and the Digital Camera Photographer Of The Year 2018 award.


The last days of Sara

“Saro used to love his feminine self, the one he called Sara. But when the cuteness of a little boy wearing skirts passed, the insults and the slurs begun. He did not come out of the closet, he was forced out of it..forced to view his body as the beginning of sin and perversion. Shame lingered like an undesirable guest. He often thought of Sara’s name on a gravestone perhaps accompanied by a suicide note. He was now more ghost than flesh and he stopped praying for answers. He quietly walked into the closet with all the other skeletons, closed the door and waited to die without a whisper”.


The lost swimmer

“The character in the series serves as an allegory for the self-conflicted individual,” Elena says “To the observer, fulfillment in the form of swimming is easily within reach, truly just a step away, but to the character, it is miles away, simply unattainable.

Eventually, it becomes easier to repress the longing, but inevitably, this leads to her emotional drowning, and complete inability to grasp on to the life rings that come her way.”


Vacant children

“What is the true magnitude of the effect social media and technology have on our children today? Are they hold too strong to ignore? The series paints the picture of a not so distant dystopian society in which children are living a self-imposed one-dimensional existence, trapped in a matrix where awareness of their own physical being is shallow and desire to engage in the physical world becomes unfamiliar and forced. Social connections are thread-thin and easily broken, often discarded at whim, leading to isolation and despair. Inspired by my struggle to keep my 12-year old son out of the matrix.”


LensCulture Portrait Awards 2019 – Jurors’ Pick ◈ Digital Camera Photographer Of The Year 2018 ◈ Neutral Density Awards 2018 – Gold Medal in Advertising, Trierenberg Supercircuit 2019 – Gold Medal in Series ◈ Trierenberg Supercircuit 2018 – Gold Medal in Series ◈ Trierenberg Supercircuit 2017 – Gold Medal in Portraiture ◈ Prix De La Photographie, Paris 2018- Silver in Portraiture ◈ Prix De La Photographie, Paris 2017 – Silver in Advertising/Fashion ◈ Prix De La Photographie, Paris  2017- Silver and Bronze in Children Portraiture ◈ Monovisions Photography Awards 2018 – Bronze in Conceptual ◈American Photography Open 2018 – Shortlisted, International Photography Awards (IPA) 2018 – Honorable Mention ◈ One Eyeland Awards 2017 – Silver in Advertising/Conceptual ◈ Moscow International Photography Awards (MIFA 2017) – Bronze in Portraiture ◈ Chromatic Awards 2017 – Bronze in Fashion/Beauty ◈ Neutral Density Awards 2017 – Bronze in People Category International Photographer Of The Year (IPOTY 2017) – 3 Honorable Mentions in Portraiture ◈ London International Creative Competition 2018, 2017 – Honorable Mention ◈ International Photography Awards (IPA) 2017 – 3 Honorable Mentions ◈ WPPI – Second Place Individual Portrait Division 2017 ◈ First Place Individual Portrait Division 2016 ◈ FAPA 2017 – Honorable Mentions Conceptual & Portrait Divisions ◈ PDN World In Focus 2016 – Second Place ◈ Neutral Density Awards 2016 – Bronze in Advertising/Conceptual, International Photographer Of The Year 2016 – Honorable Mention ◈Monochrome Photography Awards 2016 – Honorable Mention Fashion/Beauty



Aperture Foundation, New York City – April 2019 ◈ Menier Gallery, London UK – 2018 ◈ NEC, Birmingham UK – 2018 ◈ Photo Oxford 2017, Oxford UK, Design Center ◈ Linz Austria – 2017 ◈ Espace Baurepaire, Paris – 2017 ◈ Opus 39 Gallery, Cyprus – 2017 ◈ Thalassa Museum, Cyprus – 2017 ◈ The Printspace, London UK – 2015



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