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Diverse, different points of view and styles are presented in the section “TAGREEs windows”. We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but also do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms. Our magazine is for all people who like exploring the diversity of visual arts.

Jack Savage

Please introduce yourself. 

I was born in Northampton, England in 1980, and was educated in the city of Nottingham at The Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham Universities respectively, eventually gaining an MA in American Studies and Film. In my younger years – prior to my photographic and rare record selling career – reading history was one of my major passions. All those years of studying and reading – later proved invaluable in my fledgling career as a conceptual photographer. 

Why have you become a photographer/artist? 

My interest in photography and film began at an early age, and during the 1990’s I made Super 8 movies and experimented with film cameras also. I have to confess the darkroom scared me a little back then, and it wasn’t until later on with the advent of digital photography that my interest really began to soar.

How and where do you work? 

The process of my photography usually begins either in studio through the vehicle of studio portraiture with models, or through landscape and urbex photographs. It is during the period of post processing that my imagination can really come to the fore. I simply love using Photoshop to manipulate, experiment and utilise my own unique style upon these photographs. Many a night has been spent behind the computer screen bringing these visions to fruition, and I gain great satisfaction when I am finally happy with a finished image.  Photography has also rewarded me with many lasting friendships with people that I otherwise would not have come into contact with. I believe in the power of photographic art to bring people together! This is very important to me as editing and manipulating a photograph can be an all-encompassing and lonely endeavour. I am certainly very happy to be part of the art collective Tagree, a movement that has gained in momentum in such a short space of time, to the point where many of the greatest photographic artists are now actively participating. 


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Ruth Penn

Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Ruth Penn. I live in Israel.  I was born in Israel to a mother who was a holocaust survivor and a father who was a Stalin Gulag survivor. Quite heavy.  Israel was in its infancy and I grew up engulfed in Hope, Love, in a family in which giving was a way of life. I am a relentless optimist, people lover, believer in the good nature of people and quite an altruist.  The career I chose fits me like a glove. I was a foreign student in San Francisco State University where I received my B.A. and M.A. degrees in Education of the Special Child/Speech and Hearing Pathology. On retirement eight years ago I was the Director of the Division of Special Education in the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Why have you become a photographer/artist? 

Art has always dwelt in me. However, not in an active mode. When I was around 10 years old, a friend of my parents, who was an artist and a painter told my parents that I should pursue a drawing-painting career, since, to her opinion, I was very talented. Well, I didn’t. I took on playing piano for 10 years. I decided to quit that because as a perfectionist I have decided that if I won’t be number one pianist, I’d rather not be one at al… Museums have always been my heaven, as is music, poetry, sculpture and the like. I discovered photography around the age of 60, and it literally grabbed my sole. Inner music engulfs me while I get the urge to shoot a photo, and editing supplies me with the tools to “paint”.

How and where do you work? 

For many years I was a speech therapist/pathologist,  Kindergarten teacher/therapist for children with severe speech pathologies, Head of Special Schools, Director of Special Education department in the municipality of Tel Aviv, and then, as mentioned, in charge of pedagogy, organization and budgeting of Special Education Services in the Israeli education system.

On my new passion and mission, photography, I work constantly. My eyes are alway is a scanning mode, looking for beauty as well as imperfections as well as for surprising and interesting scenes. Then I work with my iPad in my favorite corner of my sofa. This is heaver and hell mixed together until I am satisfied with the results: matching the basic, initial shot to the vision in my mind.


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Karim Bouchareb

Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Karim Bouchareb I am Algerian Fine Art photographer I work as a legal administrator in an industrial company in Annaba(bône).

Why have you become a photographer/artist? 

My passion for the image and my passion for photography was from a young age, where I was looking at all that is new in this field, and this love has grown to turn into professionalism, and the image became my work and my field of work. My relationship with photography is a long-standing love affair that has lasted for years.

How and where do you work? 

There is no time limit for mood and I often take pictures every weekend, but I like quiet places especially in the sea or forest.


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Honest Rawung

Please introduce yourself.

I, Honest Rawung, live in Indonesia. The first time I used a camera was in the 1980s, with a film roll camera and manual focus. Then I stopped photographing around 1994. In 2012, I made a return, just to capture the moments of family events, then in 2014 I was introduced to the Model Photography and started to take part in model photo events, for 2 years and fed up with this genre. But in that period, I had learned a lot of editing with Photoshop.

What was the reason you became an artist?

I became a photographer because I can capture every moment I like in a photo and share it with others or become memories. In 2016, I started learning the Landscape genre, because seeing more natural, various Landscapes and the location hunting were very diverse and exciting experiences to be experienced. From the rain to the stray, from families to new friends. Besides Landscape, along with some of my friends, I learned several other genres, such as Human Interest, Street Photography, Toy Photography, macro photography, cityscape, etc. Most recently, thanks to my best friend who wants to teach and learn together, I get to know Miksang and Experiment Photography.

In what way do you work?

Usually I use Camera DSLR or Mirrorless, but sometimes I use my Mobile Phone.


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Monik Robichaud

Please introduce yourself.

My name sounds weird and is rarely pronounced correctly (think Mon” from the word Monday + ICK) which is ok because I’ve never been fond of it personally. I still don’t have a better name for me so this will do and it’s quite late in the day since I’m nearing 60 and not 10.

What was the reason you became an artist?

A few years ago, my husband (26 years) became sick and I stopped working to stay home with him. We tried painting together and I was always a painter, just a reawakened one since the last painting I had done was in Grade 11. Time flies when you have to work and put food on the table. I feel that I have missed out so much on time, and there is so much that I still want to say, just on canvas. So this is now my job and I am very happy that I get to do it.

In what way do you work?

I have a studio room at home with a large table, or I use the floor. I have never liked the easel for some reason.

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Angelina Fortunata

Please introduce yourself

My name is Fortunata Angelina, but my friends used to call me Lin. I live in Indonesia, precisely in a small town called Bondowoso. This town is so beautiful, the place and the people are so friendly. I am just a happy wife and a grateful mother with three awesome kids. I never dream and expect that I would be falling in love with this hobby so deep, especially since I only use an Android phone to take pictures.

What was the reason you were working as a photographer/artist?

I love flowers, so initially I was interested in photography just because I love photographing them, then I fell more in love with this hobby. I have tried various genres of photography, from macro photography, still-life, street photography, human interest, portrait, landscape, and architecture. The more I pursue it, the more I realize that I prefer to capture something unique.

In what way do you work and where?

I never have a specific place and time to take pictures. Anytime anywhere as long as my eyes catch something unique and interesting, I will capture it in a photograph. Moments, shapes and stories.

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