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TAGREEs window # 6 - Martina Pellecchia - Tagree

TAGREEs window # 6 – Martina Pellecchia

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Martina Pellecchia

Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Martina Pellecchia and I’m an italian photographer. Working in street photography first, I improved my skills even with reportage and portrait. I’m from Italy and I studied Photography at the Private school of Coperturaphoto in Spain. After I started to travel capture photos and different cultures together.


Why have you become a photographer/artist? 

Having established the photography skill in Europe first and traveling around the world after, have developed a possibility to know different culture and captured them. I’m a traveler and photography is my passion.


How and where do you work? 

All I took is a moment of daily life. In my works I manipulate colors, and the photos become something different. It is possible to create a connection between normal life and surrealism: where daily life can be transformed through color. Even if the photos captured daily life, a common moment, throw the colors I try to show the personal world inside we have. Even if we do the same action they are different, because our world and emotions and life are different, and the colors show this unicity.


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