The 12th Wiesbaden Photo Days are picking up speed: Open Call for the festival theme “Turbulent Times”

The Wiesbaden Photo Days were founded in 2002 and since the beginning have seen themselves as a festival for current artistic photography with international participation. Started as a small district festival, they have developed through empathy, perseverance and curatorial competence into an important photo event with supra-regional significance. It is as hard to imagine the cultural calendar of the state capital Wiesbaden without them as it is to imagine the national photo scene without them.

Photo © Reinhard Berg, Wiesbadener Fototage

The 12th Wiesbaden Photo Days would like to give everyone who works with the medium of photography the opportunity to creatively develop their own interpretations of the festival theme "Turbulent  Times" in a photo series.

There are neither stylistic nor technical restrictions, nor are the nationality and age of the applicants subject to any limitations. The only thing that counts is the closeness of the content to the festival theme and a qualitatively convincing realization.

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