The Daily Psychedelic by Jack Savage

This color series by Jack Savage is indebted to his record collecting past, and love of Psychedelic and Progessive music from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Again – as a certified Adobe expert in Photoshop CC – Photomanipulation again features heavily. His intentions were to push the boundaries of imagination to the limit, drawing upon the culture of rare record collecting and LP cover art – a passion he held for 25 years.

Series The daily psychedelic by Jack Savage

Eclectic genres of Krautrock, Psychedelia, Italian Film Music, Early Electronica, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, UK Progressive and US Psychedelia - specifically from the era 1967 – 1974 are re-imagined from a contemporary photographic standpoint. When creating such psychedelically inspired photo-art – he is always conscious of past cult LP cover art from the period – some of which was as out there as the music within, and really put the emphasis on what looked Rad growing up. Roger Dean album covers on the Vertigo label, or early CAN LP artworks immediately spring to mind.

The visual stylings of the series are akin to that of a latter period Film Noir movie in Technicolor, almost as though... ‘’Hitchcock was jamming to the 13th Floor Elevators, the viewer being treated to a sumptious feast of visual psychedelica, with an accompanying, experimental raucous imaginary soundtrack.''


Jack Savage




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