The Fairy Tales of Abandoned Places by Lena Siopi

The Fairy Tales of Abandoned Places by Lena Siopi

The greek photographer Lena Siopi from Thessaloniki has a special affinity: taking photos of ruins and abandoned places: homes, hospitals, factories, hotels, train stations…

Inside these places she stands for a while and wait. For the air noises, the whispers of the souls that have passed through. Then she starts photographing what's in front of her and she's gone ...

She does not interfere. She just feels the places and then tell us their stories, their secrets with her photos. Somehow we can feel the texture, hear the silence, smell the oldness.

And through her photographic voice, the story of those abandoned places is not tragic. The light is warm and glowing. The objects carry so much emotion. For Lena, they are fairy tales that are still going on.

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