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The lens is the one true eye of Fadwa Rouhana - Tagree

The lens is the one true eye of Fadwa Rouhana

The Palestinian woman Fadwa Rouhana has developed her photographic work though her own experimental efforts in a long journey with the camera, for being raised in a place shattered by hurdles and injustice, it became an existential necessity, her medium to connect to a reality that had always rendered her estranged and alienated, as a woman and as a human being.

Photography is her own way to contemplate life and its meaning, to explore human conditions, people’s hopes and their hardships, their relation with their place and their environment, with their past and with their reality.

It is her own way to understand the whole human experience and to try to find herplace inside it. She captures whatever captures not only her eyes but also her soul, The lens is her gear to travel into the visible and the invisible in the human soul and her photos are a reflection of her own invisible inner worlds.


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