The Museum of Avant-garde open its doors in 2025: Call for Entries

The MA-g physical venue will open its doors in 2025 in one of the European most renown cultural hubs, showcasing unique and rare works by avant-garde artists, as well as a new wave of 21st century visual arts.

The Museum of Avant-garde has launched a programme to establish a new contemporary collection, next to its avant-garde one, comprising some of the greatest artists, from Rodchenko to Man Ray, El Lissitzky, Moholy-Nagy, Duchamp, Matisse, Kandinsky, and many more. 

Successful entrants will also see their work reviewed by three living legends, as independent judges of their own MA-g Awards for that single edition. For 2021 edition The Museum of Avant-garde is honoured to introduce:

William Klein MA-g Awards for photography
Seymour Chwast MA-g Awards for illustration
Tom Geismar MA-g Awards for graphic design

Each year some of the most influential artists will join the MA-g to bestow their own Awards, continuing to foster a growing contemporary collection and praising today’s creativity in the fields of photography, illustration and graphic design.

All entries will go through a two stage shortlisting process to identify the artworks that will automatically enter the Museum’s contemporary collection. Entries are open until 31st May 2021 (10pm UTC). The invitation is addressed to:

– photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and creatives
– communication agencies, such as advertising and design agencies
– publishers of annuals, books, print and digital periodicals and newspapers
– private or public organisations, including not for profit and associations

To find out more about the Museum of Avant-garde programme and the Judges MA-g Awards, please visit MA-g contemporary collection or download the 2021 entry pack.

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