Things by Johannes Gramm

What makes us different from others and what this difference actually looks like? That are questions Gramm always asks himself. So he started started to take pictures since 5 years old and has never stopped to realize that it does not make him different but enable him to see the difference between people.

Actually Johannes Gramm is a painter. A few months ago, through his drawing and the deep interest in the image, portrait or self-portrait, the idea came upon his mind to create a picture of a person with the things in which their life is embedded. Things that are typical for a generation or a region, things that tell the story of a family and things by which, the smell of almost forgotten places comes back to one’s nose.

He believes that the sum of the collected things and their history creates a picture that shows aspects of portraiture. That is to him a bit of magic. And this magic show us: In spite of all differences, we are more or less the same. We all are the things that cross our life path.

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