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Jupiter by Jack Savage

The new News Ticker section on Tagree informs with short articles about current news and informations about exhibitions, festivals, open calls, artists and more from all over the world. Messages for this section can be sent to us by e-mail also from photographers and artists.

Cover Image: Influx Gallery - Jupiter by Jack Savage

ArigaTo The World - Arigato, Japanese Way of Gratitude’ to the World
June 18, 2022 - “ArigaTo the World” a special art exhibition will be held from July 7th 2022 till 13th July at Sway Gallery in London. Masami Hiroe, the founder and chairman,Laughten Calligraphy Inc In Japan is in collaboration with Japanese film director Fumiko Irie and five London based Japanese artists will hold a special art exhibition to convey the essence of Tanabata(Star Festival) and energy of Arigato(Gratitude) at Sway Gallery in London on 7th July. All Infos

Giulio Casti (Italia) / URBAN 2021 Winners

URBAN Photo Awards 2022: Spaces
May 29, 2022 - SPACES is one of the 4 thematic areas dedicated to Single Pictures.URBAN Photo Awards is looking for the best photos focused on urban spaces, among buildings and streets, shapes and geometries, monuments and churches, industrial archaeology and abandoned places.Submissions open until June 12, 2022 All Infos
Image: Giulio Casti (Italia) / URBAN 2021 Winners


Arch2o - Open Call 2022
May 29, 2022 - Arch2o helps increase the revenues of 250 companies by marketing the American and European industry professionals. Each month they reach +2.5 million readers with articles they love to share. They also have +2.5 Million followers on social media and 200.000 weekly newsletter subscribers. Arch2o is running a 2022 Arch2o Photography Challenge program that aims to celebrate the pioneer minds in architecture and design and showcase the hidden talent. Arch2o is looking forward to gathering the numerous photography representatives of the architectural and design community (Students and Non-Students). All Infos

Portrait of Humanity - Open Call 2022

Portrait of Humanity - Open Call 2022
May 19, 2022 - In an age of uncertainty, hardship and strife, it’s the little things that remind us of what it means to be human that matter more and more. Behind every struggle to protect the world that we call home, or the right to be who we are is a face of strength and courage. Now in its fifth edition, the Portrait of Humanity award by 1854 and British Journal of Photography returns once more to celebrate that which unites us in a time of division. Portrait of Humanity sits amongst the most viewed photographic exhibitions in global history. 30 winning images and three winning bodies of work will be part of a major internationally-touring exhibition.. All Infos

Debmalya Roy Choudhuri. Tony looks at me, Home, A factless autobiography series. Courtesy the artist.

Exhibition: Debmalya Roy Choudhuri. Part of Rencontres d'Arles
May 19, 2022 - Since he was a teenager, Debmalya Roy Choudhuri has been using photography as others use “I” in a diary. In 2018, the suicide of his partner in India marked a turning point in his career. Originally from this country, where heterosexuality is the norm, and based in the United States, dominated by whiteness, photography became for him a back-andforth between self and other. Mixing snapshot and staged photography, portrait and self-portrait, black & white and color, the artist builds an intimate, melancholic œuvre. A factless autobiography — in reference to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa—presents three profiles made of a multitude of portraits, like so many fragile lives in Donald Trump’s America. Through a collaborative choreography in which the authentic is sometimes colored with dream, the photographer raises here the question of self-affirmation. All Infos
Image: © Debmalya Roy Choudhuri. Tony looks at me, Home, A factless autobiography series.  Courtesy the artist.

Silvia Gentili

Exhibition: Your Body belongs to you
May 19, 2022 - Shutter Hub presents nearly 100 photographers and over 200 images. YOUR BODY BELONGS TO YOU brings together women and non-binary photographers from around the world in a selected exhibition and promotes the future of photography through diverse and creative imagery. The outdoor exhibition site is in the centre of St Gilles Croix de Vie, an area that attracts thousands of visitors day and night throughout the seasons, making the exhibition accessible to all. All Infos
Image: © Silvia Gentili

Jupiter by Jack Savage

The Influx Gallery, in Notting Hill, London has opened
May 18, 2022 - The Influx Gallery in Notting Hill, London, was established to promote and exhibit the work of exciting, emerging contemporary artists from around the world. The gallery creates a space where visionary art can be exhibited, shown and sold. The Gallerists are proud of the artists who work under their banner. An experienced team will select artworks based on strict criteria such as originality, vision, technique, marketability and composition. The gallery will host virtual exhibitions that precede physical exhibitions and showcase the world's best contemporary artists for artists, curators, collectors, art lovers and gallery owners to enjoy. All Infos
Image: Jupiter by Jack Savage

Canon at this year's "horizonte zingst" environmental photo festival
May 18, 2022 - Canon will once again present itself at the 15th environmental photo festival "horizonte zingst", which will take place this year after a two-year break due to the pandemic from 20 to 29 May 2022 under the title "EAT IT - About Food". Festival visitors can look forward to exciting and photo-rich days with webinars and photo workshops from the Canon Academy at the photo market, which will take place from 26-28 May. All Infos
Image: Photo Canon Academy

Leica Galerie Düsseldorf presents works by Andreas Jorns
May 13, 2022 - In the exhibition "Black is the colour", the Leica Galerie Düsseldorf will be showing impressive black-and-white photographs by German photographer Andreas Jorns from 13 May to 20 August 2022. All Infos
Image: Jamie, Sept 2017, Andreas Jorns © www.ajorns.com

Selection from Irfan Önürmen, NFTulle

Everyday Heroes - Solo Exhibition by Irfan Önürmen
May 12, 2022 - Irfan Önürmen has long been known for his multi-dimensional works that examine notions of identity in the rapidly changing digital age. In his latest collection, Everyday Heroes, he has stripped down his use of symbols and imagery to its minimal foundations, utilizing one of his favorite mediums, tulle, in layered, monochromatic constructions and digital renderings that represent ordinary life during extraordinary times. In addition to his physical work, the exhibition will include Önürmen’s first series of NFTs, NFTulle. All Infos
Image: Selection from Irfan Önürmen, NFTulle

Image: Photo Suzanne Mooney: An Endless Searching for Substance, 2022

Paradoxes of Photography
May 9, 2022 - The exhibiton Paradoxes of Photography at Cable Factory invites viewers to reflect on the expectations and concepts related to photography. The exhibition is a selection of research-based projects that challenge the idea of “the photographic” All Infos
Image: Photo Suzanne Mooney: An Endless Searching for Substance, 2022

URBAN 2022 new prizes signed by Manfrotto and JOBY offered by Vitec Imaging Solutions

URBAN 2022 new prizes signed by Manfrotto and JOBY offered by Vitec Imaging Solution
May 5, 2022 - After Fujifilm Italia, Vitec Imaging Solutions (VIS) also renews its partnership with URBAN Photo Awards and is giving away to the winners of the contest new prizes signed by Manfrotto and JOBY, two brands of excellence dedicated to photographers. All Infos

Lucie Foundation announces the winners of the Carte Blanche competition GRAND PRIZE WINNER is Bongani Tshabalala with the image Montsho

Lucie Foundation announces the winners of the Carte Blanche competition
April 21, 2022 - Grand Prize Winner is Bongani Tshabalala with the image Montsho. Montsho meaning Black is a famously used word in South Africa to make fun of a dark person as a result of their skin tone. This photograph explores emotional effects of childhood teasing which causes young black boys and girls end up being depressed and forces them to have low self-esteem. Montsho opens conversations around the representation of the black body and black lives as a subject matter and challenges the idea that Blackness is homogenous. For me this photograph is both about destruction and preservation, it’s about what we choose to embrace after going through trauma. All Infos
Image: Photo Bongani Tshabalala | Montsho

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