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Submission Rules

  • Only one picture a day
  • no watermarks, no signatures, no frames (also no white border)
  • Description at least 40 words (We are not one of the many photography platforms on the internet where photographers can upload pictures. As a magazine we have a different claim. Uploaded pictures without the required text for the readers will not be accepted under any circumstances). - We receive a lot of submissions without text or only one sentence. We accept if someone does not want to write about his work. But then, please do not submit cause we both do not match!
  • Title: Your first name and your family name: Title oft the picture (Beate Meyer: Summertime)
  • Category: Don't use "None" - Only use images for the given categories 
  • It would be very helpful if you name your files in this way: summertime by Beate Meyer (no minus, no underline just space) thank you.
  • URL Instagram
  • Max Upload size 4 MB / 72 dpi
  • Landscape format pictures: 1200 px long side, Portrait format pictures 800 px long side
  • The submission will be reviewed within 24 hours.

We do not accept picture contents with homophobic, misogynist, racist, violence glorifying and inhuman statements. Process your submission slowly and carefully. You will not be able to make any changes after submission. The pictures selected by the editor will be published in the gallery "Editor Picks“. If we do not feature your photograph it only means that your image is not in line with our aesthetics, it’s not a negative judgement about your work.

Don`t copy text!